Hey You! Read This! (The Twisted Love Story Edition) #ValentinesDay

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Confession time: I am a bossy book reader.  I read books and then force people around me to read them make subtle and kind recommendations to others.

I cannot help it, I want to share the book love. I want to chat about what I’ve read.

Hence, why I started my “Hey, You!  Read This!” feature. This feature hones in on books I have read and would recommend in different genres and subgenres.  I have done this a few times before and focused on abduction thrillers and domestic thrillers.

Today, in honour of Valentine’s Day, I figured I would take a look at some of my favourite twisted love stories.  You know, boy likes girl, boy stalks the girl, boy shoves girl in a suitcase and carries her around with him.  Aw…young love!

Twisted love stories are some of my favourite types of novels to read.   From unrequited love to family members getting a little bit too close, I always get lost in the psychosis of the main characters and the strange rationales they find to justify their obsessions.   I also find them to be such a quick read!  Each of the novels that made my list were completely “unputdownable”!

Interested to see what I did decide to throw on my list?

Keep reading to see what made my top picks….

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Baby Doll by Hollie Overton 

Baby Doll always ends up sliding into my compilation lists because it is a novel I loved SO MUCH!   A beloved teacher falls in love with his student, kidnaps her, and keeps her in his basement.  When she finally escapes, she struggles with Stockholm syndrome and he cannot let her go.  Unrequited love?  Check.  Totally twisted?  Check!

The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison

Aside from the sort of wacko ending, this fast-paced thriller has one of the ultimate twisted love stories.  A psychotic serial killer, known as “The Gardener”, takes young girls hostage, forming relationships with each of them, tattooing butterflies on to their backs until they get too old for his liking and he disposes of them.  The girls live in his own personal oasis, a butterfly garden.  This creepy love story had some additional twists with the introduction of The Gardner’s sons.  Totally creepy.  Completely entertaining.

Dying for Christmas by Tammy Cohen 

Just your run of the mill holiday love story with this one.  Man sees woman at a shopping mall, man follows and kidnaps woman, keeping her hostage at his home and making her endure a terrible twelve days of Christmas so he does not spend the holidays alone.


Need to Know by Karen Cleveland

A recent read for me but one I really enjoyed.  A woman, working for the CIA trying to uncover Russian sleeper cells in the US, finds a document that states her HUSBAND is a sleeper!  Talk about a twisted love story!!??  What will she do?  Will she turn him in?  Is he a sleeper?  Is it a mistake???!!  I loved all the questions in this one.

The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson

A manipulative woman is at the core of this twisted love story.  A nice breath of fresh air for this mini-genre and this one will have you on the edge of your seat!

Perfect Days by Raphael Montes

If you liked You by Caroline Kepnes but haven’t read this one yet, then you are very much missing out!  Perfect Days is a gritter, darker version and left me gasping at the end.  HE PUTS HER IN HIS SUITCASE???!!! COME ON!!


The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel

A twisted love story that is sick from the start.  I won’t give too much away with this one either but let’s just say this family is perhaps a little toooooo close.  Yikes.

You by Caroline Kepnes

Joe is the ultimate stalker, obsessed lover.  He sort of weasels in and gets under his victim’s skin.  And the sick part?  During the entire I read the novel, I was sort of into it!  I had a mini crush on the psycho Joe.  Damn you Caroline Kepnes and your excellent psychological thrills!!

Brother by Ania Ahlborn 

I will not give too much away for this one but the twist?  Mind-blowing twisted love story!  I am still disturbed.


Well, there ya have it!  My list of TWISTED LOVE STORIES.  Have you read any of these?  What do you think?  Any other novels that should be added to my list? Let me know!

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