Book Review: Baby Doll (Hollie Overton)



“And I was all his. A girl who would never say no. I was the girl who would obey his every request. I was his perfect, obedient baby doll.”

Whoa.   That is the one word I have to describe this novel. Baby Doll by Hollie Overton is her debut novel and what a debut it is!

The novel opens with Lily who, after being held captive for 8 years, escapes her prison with her six-year-old daughter, Sky.   She arrives back home to pull together the life she has left and is happily reunited with her mother and twin sister, Abby.   Once she arrives, she leads the police to her captor, a popular teacher at the local high school, Rick Hanson.  The rest of the story quickly unfolds with twists and turns, as Lily navigates her way back into her life and as Rick faces life in prison.

The novel is told in alternating chapters. We get multiple perspectives from all major characters in the book. Lily speaks of her time in captivity and the confusing feelings she has between hating Rick and having a strange love for him. Abby speaks of her need for revenge for the time lost with her sister. Eve, Lily and Abby’s mother speaks of her need to glue her broken family back together and Rick’s chapters are laced with manipulation.

The name of the book is fantastic. The theme is consistently played out within the plot; Rick consistently refers to Lily as his “baby doll”. He has dressed her up, controlled her weight, and manipulated her hair.   He truly made her into his own personal doll.

This book claims to “be the most tense thriller that you’ll read all year” and I’d have to say, I kind of agree! I binge-read this book this afternoon and it was pretty intense! Overall, the plot is well woven and addicting. I was invested almost immediately and couldn’t wait to see what would happen!  And the end?!  The end was fantastic!

I will absolutely be on the hunt for Hollie Overton’s next book!









10 thoughts on “Book Review: Baby Doll (Hollie Overton)

  1. I own this book and have been so excited to read it since I bought it. Once I finish the book I am currently reading I’m setting my previous plans aside and diving head on into this one. Great review, encourages me to read it even more. ❤️

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