Book Review: Slade House (David Mitchell)

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Every nine years, when the conditions are just right, the entrance to Slade House can be found. You’ll be invited in and you’ll be so glad. Tickled to be included. You won’t want to leave. And soon you’ll find out that you never will….

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Book Review: Bird Box (Josh Malerman)



Reports on the news speak of people going insane; they are becoming viciously violent, killing themselves and others.   First people assume it’s a hoax, but as they become more frequent and impossible to ignore. Something is out there. Something is making this happen. Five years later, Malorie is alive with two young children. They cannot open their eyes; the children have never seen anything outside of their small, abandoned house.   Malorie needs to travel to safety, it’s their only hope, but to do so, they must travel.

They mustn’t open their eyes.

They must listen carefully.

They don’t know what’s out there…

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Book Review: The Toy Breaker (Roy Chester)


Children are being abducted from their beds in the middle of the night.   The only thing left at the scene is bits of broken toy clowns.   With no leads, police employ Dr. Hannah Nightingale, a forensic psychiatrist and criminal profiler, to help them in their investigation. As more children disappear, a mass grave is found and the case thickens Hannah finds herself in a race against time to stop “The Toybreaker” before families are shattered….

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