Blog Tour: Wrong Number (Carys Jones @tiny_dancer85 @Aria_Fiction) #giveaway


Thrilled to be today’s stop on the blog tour for Wrong Number by Carys Jones!

I read this one a while back and loved it!  You can check out my full review here.

A missing husband. Mysterious calls. And the biggest lie of them all.   Read with caution – you may never want to answer your phone again…  

Will and Amanda Thorne are living the dream until, one day, their phone rings. Within 24 hours, Will is missing and Amanda’s world is shattered.  Who was on the phone? Where has Will gone?   Amanda is determined to find her husband and is drawn into a world of drug dealers, criminal masterminds and broken promises.    As the truth becomes clearer, she has to face the terrible possibility that she may never have known her husband at all…

Coming at you today with a guest post from Carys Jones about how she stays focused while trying to meet a writing deadline and a giveaway for a digital copy of Wrong Number!

Write and Reward

I am a complete and utter stickler for deadlines and punctuality. Think Rory from Gilmore Girls. This definitely has an impact on how I approach my writing. Before I even start writing a book I have a mountain of detailed notes laying out the entire structure for me to follow. And I’m militant about my daily routine.

Every day I get up and write. Then I keep writing until I hit my daily word count and then I walk my dog, Rollo.

I know that it all must sound very clinical and not at all like the romanticised ideal of a writer wistfully gazing out of their window and waiting for inspiration to strike. With my writing I’m very much in a race against myself. I’ve got a long list of stories that I still need to write and I keep adding to it!

There are some days when it’s much harder to write than others. When I’m sick, tired, or the sun is shining outside and I just want to go out and enjoy it. Even when my boiler broke in November last year I kept writing even when it was freezing – I just wore gloves! The secret to this dogged determination? Sweets.

I have an insane sweet tooth. I love marshmallows, cupcakes, anything gummy based. Basically anything that contains too much sugar. Although oddly I’ve never been keen on chocolate.

But every day, once I’ve reached that word goal I’m allowed to go into my kitchen and raid my sweetie box (yes, I have an entire box dedicated to sweetie goodness). Knowing that there’s a treat waiting for me at the end of a really tough scene really does help. It keeps me focused. It stops me procrastinating. I just keep writing as I chase the sugary carrot I’ve dangled in front of myself.

So my advice for other writers out there is to find what works for you. Write and Reward has helped me power through re-writes, edits and many manuscripts and I’d be lost (and rather hungry with sugar cravings) without it!

Author Bio

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 9.11.27 PM.png

 Carys Jones loves nothing more than to write and create stories which ignite the reader’s imagination. Based in Shropshire, England, Carys lives with her husband, two guinea pigs and her adored canine companion Rollo.

Twitter: @tiny_dancer85

Facebook: @CarysJonesWriter

Instagram: tiny_dancer_8

Enter below for a chance to win 1 of 2 digital copies of Wrong Number by Carys Jones.

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And be sure not to miss any other stops on the Wrong Number blog tour!

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