Blog Tour: Deadly Burial (Jon Richter) @richterwrites @NeverlandBT

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Welcome to my stop on the Deadly Burial, by Jon Richter, blog tour hosted by Neverland Book Tours!  I am thrilled to be able to bring you a guest post, by the author himself, discussing how to avoid cliched characters!

First, let’s get into a quick synopsis of the book:

When DI Chris Sigurdsson is assigned a grisly murder case on remote Salvation Island, he knows that it might be his strangest yet.

A forgotten wrestling star of the 1980s has been poisoned whilst in the ring, and amidst the slippery lies of his dangerous opponents, unravelling the victim’s murky past is almost impossible.

And as a storm threatens to cut Salvation Island off from the mainland, the race is on for Sigurdsson to find the ruthless killer before he strikes again…

Sounds pretty fantastic right?

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Blog Tour: 37 Hours (J.F Kirwan) @kirwanjf @NeverlandBT

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Welcome to my stop on the 37 Hours blog tour! I am thrilled to be able to feature this book today on Clues and Reviews and provide a guest post.  But first, let’s get into a synopsis of the book!

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After two long years spent in a secret British prison, Nadia Laksheva is suddenly granted her freedom. Yet there is a dangerous price to pay for her release: she must retrieve the Russian nuclear warhead stolen by her deadliest enemy, a powerful and ruthless terrorist known only as The Client.

But her mysterious nemesis is always one step ahead and the clock is ticking. In 37 hours, the warhead will explode, reducing the city of London to a pile of ash. Only this time, Nadia is prepared to pull the trigger at any cost…

The deadly trail will take her from crowded Moscow to the silent streets of Chernobyl, but will Nadia find what she is looking for before the clock hits zero?

Keep reading for a guest post from the author!

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Blog Tour: Promised Lies (Marguerite Ashton) @emmamitchellfpr @msashton_writer

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Welcome to my stop on the Promised Lies blog tour!

Today I bring you an author guest post with Marguerite Ashton.

She will be discussing her process on publication day!   I’ve always wondered what authors do and how they handle the day their book enters the world; keep reading to see how Marguerite Ashton spends her publication day!

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Author Spotlight: Lee Cockburn @lee_leecockburn

Opening up the tour for Porcelain: Flesh of Innocents, I have a spotlight of the author, Lee Cockburn for you!

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Lee Cockburn has worked for Police Scotland for sixteen years including as a police sergeant in Edinburgh for seven years and also as a public order officer. Before joining the force, she played for Scotland Women’s rugby team for fifteen years, earning over eighty caps for the Scottish ladies and British Lionesses teams. She also swam competitively for twelve years, successfully representing Edinburgh at the age of fifteen in the youth Olympics in Denmark in 1984. Lee lives in Edinburgh with her civil partner Emily and their two young sons Jamie and Harry. Her first book Devil’s Demise was published by Clink Street Publishing November 2014.

Her erotic thriller novel, Porcelain: Flesh of Innocents is out tomorrow!

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Synopsis:  Detective Sergeant Taylor Nicks is back and in charge of tracking down a sadistic vigilante, with a penchant for torturing pedophiles, in this unsettling crime thriller by a real-life police sergeant. High-powered businessmen are turning up tortured around the city of Edinburgh with one specific thing in common — a sinister double life involving pedophilia. Leaving his ‘victims’ in a disturbing state, the individual responsible calls the police and lays bare the evidence of their targets’ twisted misdemeanors to discover, along with a special memento of their own troubled past — a chilling calling card. Once again heading the investigation team is Detective Sergeant Taylor Nicks, along with her partner Detective Constable Marcus Black, who are tasked not only with tracking the perpetrator down but also dealing with the unusual scenario of having to arrest the victims for their own barbarous crimes. But with the wounded piling up the predator’s thirst for revenge intensifies and soon Nicks discovers that she is no longer chasing down a sinister attacker but a deadly serial killer.   Vivid, dark and deeply unsettling.   

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Note from Clues and Reviews:

This book was extremely sexually explicit; I was unable to finish it myself.  However, if you enjoy erotica/erotic thrillers, this may be something you will enjoy!  It was not for me, but it will be for someone! 

Sitting Down with Louise Mullins: Author Q & A/Guest Post @MullinsAuthor #guestpost #authorq&a

One of the coolest thing, hands down, about being involved in the book blogging community is the chance to connect with authors.   Thrilled to have Louise Mullins, author of What I Never Told You take over Clues and Reviews today!

Here is Louise to provide a bit of her bio and answer some questions!  If you haven’t check out my review for What I Never Told You, you can do that HERE!  Trust me, you’ll want to add this one to your TBR piles!

Without further ado, here’s Louise!

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Behind the Blog: Meet the Blogger Series- Kate from @TheQuietKnitter

Ever wonder about the person behind the blog?  I mentioned back in January (here) that I would be starting a Meet the Blogger series.  This series will feature some of my favourite bloggers as we go behind the scenes and have them answer the questions!

Next up is Kate from The Quiet Knitter

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Kate is the blogger behind The Quiet Knitter and I have been following her blog forever! Keep reading to find out more about Kate!

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Blog Tour- Accused (Mark Toscano @Aria_Fiction) #Bookreview #Guestpost

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 8.34.43 PM.pngThrilled to be today’s stop on the blog tour for Accused by Mark Toscano!

Coming at you today with a guest post from Mark Toscano himself and my review for Accused.    But first, let’s take a look at the synopsis from Goodreads:

About Accused

 A crime reporter. A strange murder. An ex-convict with a dark secret…

Onofrio Palillo receives compensation many years after wrongful imprisonment for murder. Whilst trying to arrange an interview, Fabrizio Corsaro, a crime reporter, finds Palillo dead at his home.   Investigations reveal incriminating evidence, which lead detectives to arrest Fabrizio himself for the murder. It’s left to his brother Roberto, a criminal lawyer, to save Fabrizo from the nightmare into which his life has suddenly been plunged.   With the help of deputy police prefect Domenico Fisichella, Roberto delves into Palillo’s mysterious past. They discover an old secret that puts them on the trail of the most powerful man in Sicily, Giorgio Moncada.   A complex story, full of mystery and memorable characters.

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Keep reading for a Guest Post by Mark Toscano and my review of Accused!

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Blog Tour: Wrong Number (Carys Jones @tiny_dancer85 @Aria_Fiction) #giveaway


Thrilled to be today’s stop on the blog tour for Wrong Number by Carys Jones!

I read this one a while back and loved it!  You can check out my full review here.

A missing husband. Mysterious calls. And the biggest lie of them all.   Read with caution – you may never want to answer your phone again…  

Will and Amanda Thorne are living the dream until, one day, their phone rings. Within 24 hours, Will is missing and Amanda’s world is shattered.  Who was on the phone? Where has Will gone?   Amanda is determined to find her husband and is drawn into a world of drug dealers, criminal masterminds and broken promises.    As the truth becomes clearer, she has to face the terrible possibility that she may never have known her husband at all…

Coming at you today with a guest post from Carys Jones about how she stays focused while trying to meet a writing deadline and a giveaway for a digital copy of Wrong Number!

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