Upcoming Books 2017: Book Review- Wrong Number (Carys Jones)


Amanda Thorn is living a blissful, married life with her husband, Will. They have a beautiful home, stable jobs, and a bright future ahead of them.   One night, Amanda answers the phone to be hounded by the caller; he is asking for another man and won’t take no for an answer. Amanda brushes this off, but the next morning, when Will has disappeared without a trace, she begins to wonder if this call could be linked. As Amanda sinks deeper and deeper into a web of lies, she begins to try and unravel her marriage. What is real? What is fake? And begins to make the distinction of whether or not you could ever really know the person who lays beside you… 

Wrong Number, by Carys Jones, is another twist on the domestic thriller genre that has become so popular this past year. Amanda and Will are living an idyllic life until she receives a phone call- seemingly a wrong number- and then Will goes missing without a trace. As tensions build and she searches for her husband, she opens doors into her past that she had tried to firmly hold close as she realizes her husband was never who he appeared.

Jones writes a seriously addicting read.   I really enjoyed it and read it within a couple sittings. It combined some suspense with a classic love triangle.  I didn’t necessarily find this novel overly suspenseful.  But what is lacked in suspense, it made up for in action.  This one was absolutely action packed; between hunting down her husband, getting her ex-boyfriend (who is now a detective) involved on the case and dealing with her own fears about what is happening, my mind was racing the entire time.  This one is very different from all the dark and twisted thrillers that have been talked about this year. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some dark and twisted but sometimes something lighter is a nice change of pace.

Jones creates characters that are easy to connect with, which I loved. I found myself devastated for Amanda as she goes through the motions after her husband’s disappearance and was intrigued as her character developed into someone pretty kick ass near the end of the book. She really transformed throughout the plot and came into her own. I also did develop a bit of a fictional book crush on both of the male leads in the book #sorrynotsorry

Now I need to warn you, the novel ends abruptly. Like so abruptly, it feels like it stops in the middle of a sentence. I, initially, was really upset, but then I realized that it ended that way because a sequel will be published next year as well!  So thank goodness for that!   I know, for sure, that I’ll be waiting for the sequel to be released!

I would absolutely recommend this one- it’s absolutely worth the read.   I almost feel like this novel was the perfect marriage between a crime thriller and a chick-lit novel.  And I am totally okay with that.  With that being said, if you are a newcomer to this genre (getting your feet wet with domestic thrillers) or someone who likes a little bit of romance thrown into their reading, this would be your top choice.

This book will be published on January 1, 2017.  Mark your calendars!

 I voluntarily received an Advanced Reader’s Copy of this book from Aria Publishing, Carys Jones and Netgalley; it was my pleasure to provide an honest review.

9 thoughts on “Upcoming Books 2017: Book Review- Wrong Number (Carys Jones)

    1. No! Not any chapters dedicated to it but the entire plot kind of centres around her finding her husband, her feelings towards her ex; they play a pretty central role to the plot but not distracting. I like reading Emily Giffin books and it kind of reminded me of a darker version of her! lol

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      1. Okay as long as this book can’t be placed in the Romance category, I’m happy. Nothing lovey-dovey haha, romance within a plot is ok but not as an addition theme/storyline (if that makes sense)


  1. This sounds like a great domestic noir and even the abrupt ending makes me curious. I will try and get this one as soon as it is released before the second book. Great review!

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