Blog Tour: Top Five Reasons I Found Myself OBSESSED with The Chalk Man @cjtudor

Late last year, after fighting it for some time, I gave into my temptation and read one of my most anticipated 2018 releases, The Chalk Man by C.J Tudor.    After finishing the novel, I understood completely why there had been so much buzz surrounding this book. Fast-paced, completely compelling and binge-able, I sat down and read this book in an entire sitting.  From the core mystery to the intricately woven characters, I could immediately state that this book would end up one of my favourites for 2018, already!  That, my friends, is a pretty serious statement to make!  If you want, you can check out my full review of The Chalk Man HERE.  But, in honour of my stop on the TLC Blog Tour for this title, I thought I would do a little bit of a breakdown, get a little deeper into the novel and talk about the five reasons why I felt completely OBSESSED with this novel during (and after!) my reading.


WHAT?!!?  I remember finding this out and being completely shocked.  A book this well written feels like it comes from the mind of a seasoned writer.  I love that Tudor was able to very clearly find her stride and deliver such a stellar work on her first publication. This makes me incredibly excited and anxious to see what she will come out with next.  Sign me up for whatever she writes next.  She is on my auto-buy list for sure.


Every single character in this novel became memorable for me.  In fact, the characterization took to the forefront for me.   Each character is so perfectly developed, from the protagonist down to the bullies; I was completely invested in them. Truthfully, the plot became secondary to me because I was so wrapped up in the characters.



I really like a novel that can accomplish a back and forth narrative style efficietnly without becoming too confusing.  I felt like Tudor accomplished this brilliantly. As the story moves back and forth through time, I found myself completely capitvated and the story was easy to follow.  I never had to go back and re-read a chapter or second guess any of my assumptions of the timeline.  Tudor made everything incredibly clear.


I loved that this novel had a little bit for every reader.  Mystery, thriller, police procedural, coming of age, young adult, contemporary.  This book is the perfect marriage of several genres.  I feel like readers of all ages could pick this book up and enjoy.


 This book, from the opening of the first flashback chapters, had a dark Goonies meets IT vibe to it.   I have seen the 80s revival thing done well with popular Netflix shows like Stranger Things but had never seen in accomplished in a novel. Tudor manages to do it expertly. The flashback chapters felt nostalgic and realistic; almost like it could have happened to any kid, in any place, over the course of any summer. This familiarity brought something chilling to the text and I was hooked.

If you are looking for a book to grab your attention and keep you reading late into the night, then look no further, I think you will find The Chalk Man by CJ Tudor will do just that!!


22 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Top Five Reasons I Found Myself OBSESSED with The Chalk Man @cjtudor

  1. I just started this..I agree with the 80’s vibe. Gave me the same Stranger Things feel. Not sure what to make of it yet. I’m only at the beginning and it is now 2016.

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      1. I hate when that happens! And I can’t help but compare when I’m reading books in the same genre. It’s like I’m trying to chase that high! LOL.


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