Book Review: The Silent Children (Carol E. Wyer)

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 7.25.39 AM.pngCarol Wyer writes a seriously addicting thriller. Anyone who has read her work will know within the first few pages that it will be an absolute struggle to put down one of her books. The Silent Children, the fourth book in the DI Robyn Carter series, was no exception. I sat down to read this one and had it finished in an afternoon.

As mentioned, this is the fourth novel in the series that follows female detective. Robyn Carter. I did read the first novel in the series, Little Girl Lost, and just never got around to reading book two and three. They are in my TBR pile, it is all just a matter of time! I am happy to report that this novel did read well as a standalone. Now, be warned, Wyer is teasing out some information about her protagonist’s personal life and I did receive some of the backstory from some other bloggers so I was pretty much up to speed. This doesn’t bother me at all, but I do know that this would bother other readers, so, if you want the FULL experience, then I would absolutely recommend reading the books in their order.

This novel follows the discovery of some seemingly unrelated bodies and the story of abuse from a young boy. Told in snippets to the past and Robyn and her team working in the present, I was on the edge of my seat! Red herrings and twists and turns aplenty, I was left in the dark until the A HA moment!

I am shocked that Wyer is able to bang out these books as fast as she does and with such finesse. The series appears to be getting better and better!!  Now excuse me, while I catch up on the series and wait patiently for book five!

Thanks to the author, the publisher and Netgalley for a digital copy of this novel.  It was my pleasure to provide an honest review.

This book was one of the December picks for #cjsreads!  Keep reading if you want to see what Jessica and Chandra thought of this one!

What Jessica Thought:

Guys, if you haven’t read Carol Wyer, then you need to fix that now. I’m amazed that all of her books have been equally suspenseful, thrilling, and addictive. THE SILENT CHILDREN is book 4 in the DI Robyn Carter series and just like the preceding three books, this one did not disappoint! Robyn is back and with another gruesome case – can she find the killer before it’s too late?

Wyer brings us back and forth from the past to the present as Robyn faces a new serial killer on the loose. A man is found shot to death in the park with an ominous text on his phone, “I can’t keep this secret any longer”. The recipient was unnamed. DI Robyn Carter is on the case, and it’s proving to be a difficult one. With little evidence, they’re having a hard time progressing.

When more bodies start to turn up, Robyn realizes they’re dealing with a serial killer and they need to solve the case soon – before more bodies are found. In a twist of events, a member of her team disappears. The pressure is on to unearth a terrible secret in order to save them.

The intertwining storylines, past and present – Carol knows how to bring the reader on quite the adventure. This could be read as a standalone, but I would highly recommend picking up the other books in this series. Not only because they’re just as thrilling, but because then you can get acquainted with Robyn Carter.

Overall, this is a strong continuation in the series and I don’t see any stop in sight! Thank goodness, and there was definitely a hint at a book 5 (don’t keep up waiting too long!). If you want a good police procedural that isn’t too heavy on the technicalities of the investigation then this will be perfect for you. It’s a page turning thriller with a great female lead!

I give this one 5/5 stars!

What Chandra Thought:

Oh Carol Wyer, you adorable tease and amazing writer, whatever am I going to do with you?! Guys and gals, if you have read this series, then you know that ending of The Missing Girls was a jaw dropper and I couldn’t WAIT to get my hands on this, book four, to see where she was going to go with the story line.  Little teases and prods to book 3 found me continually turning pages to try and figure out if I’ll get any answers.  CAROL, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!

She does what she does best, and that is bringing in multiple characters with a new mystery to solve and still expounding on Carter’s life as we race to find the killer with her.  I love her rhythm of past to present.  This time we see a boy and girl who are abused at home and watch them grow from various chapters.  The present shows a body count piling up while Carter tries to piece them together… all the while trying to piece her life together as well.  (And who doesn’t love a cat named Schrödinger??)  I really want to be vague about everything because while you could conceivably read these as a stand alone in terms of the case at hand, you really want to read these books in order to get familiar with Robyn Carter and her life.  It’s well worth it, I assure you.

Another page turner that any police procedural and thriller lover will enjoy.  I highly suggest you get on this series.  So far, Wyer has done no wrong and I can only see this series continuing to grow and take further hold on my soul. 🤣 That ending again… uff, another teaser.  I was really hoping for just a little bit more from this plot line.  It does its job well though – you KNOW I’m keeping my eyes peeled for book 5 and no one will stop me!!

4.5 stars from me!


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