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Good morning and welcome to my stop on the Bonnier Zaffre blog tour for Anything for Her by GJ Minett!

I am lucky enough to be able to share an extract with everyone for my stop, but, first, let’s check out a synopsis for this fabulous book!

You’d do anything for the one that got away . . . wouldn’t you?

When Billy Orr returns home to spend time with his dying sister, he bumps into his ex-girlfriend Aimi, the love of his life. He might not have seen her in eleven years, but Billy’s never forgotten her. He’d do anything for her then, and he’d do anything for her now.

When Aimi tells him that she wants to escape her abusive husband, Billy agrees to help her fake her own death. But is she still the Aimi that Billy remembers from all those years ago? 

Once Aimi disappears, Billy has to face the possibility that perhaps she had different reasons for disappearing – reasons that might be more dangerous than she’s led him to believe . . .

Sometimes trusting the one you love is the wrong thing to do.

AH!  Doesn’t that sound fantastic??!!  I cannot wait to dive into this one.  If you are impatient (like me!) then you can find this book in e-book format NOW!  Otherwise, the paperback release is in March!  Be sure to mark your calendars either way!!

Now, keep reading for an extract…

‘Funny bumping into her like that.’


‘In Tesco. In Tenterden, of all places.’


Another pause.

‘You used to play football with one of the Vedras, didn’t you?’

Nicely done. Sly little reminder there in case he needed one.



‘Yeah. Tommy. Wanted everyone to call him TJ ’cos he thought it sounded cool. Mad as a sack of frogs.’

‘That’s not the one she married though, is it?’

There you go. Nice one, sis.

‘No. She married Joe.’

‘That’s right. I remember now.’

She closed the cupboard and scooped up the hessian shopping bags from the floor. He followed her out of the kitchen and into the lounge where she put them in a basket in the corner. He picked up the Guardian from the coffee table and flung himself at the bean bag which he’d always regarded as his own. He’d have taken it with him if there’d been an easy way to get it up to London. It would go well in the flat.

‘I wonder if she always does her shopping in Tenterden,’ Mia said, disappearing back into the kitchen.

‘Don’t know, sis,’ he called out. ‘Why don’t we ring and ask her?’

She came back through with a damp cloth and flicked it across his face before using it to remove a mark she’d noticed on the coffee table.

‘Sarky. Lowest form of wit. And you seem to be forgetting – I’m your big sister so I get to ask as many nosey questions as I like.’

‘I noticed.’

‘So . . .?’

He looked up from the paper.

‘What was the question again?’

She sighed.

‘Don’t you think it’s a bit funny that you’re back here for one night and she just happens to bump into you in a supermarket that’s about a forty-minute drive away from where she lives?’

‘Not if I messaged and arranged to meet her there, no.’
‘You didn’t,’ said Mia, standing in front of him with one hand on her hip.

‘No. I’m yanking your chain, sis. Apart from anything else, how would that work exactly? I didn’t even know we were doing the food shop till you dragged me out of bed, let alone where we were going, remember? And even if I’d managed to guess, you think she’d just drop everything and come running when we haven’t even seen each other since we were kids . . . eh?’ he challenged her when she failed to respond immediately.

‘So it’s just a coincidence then?’

‘It happens. That’s why there’s a word for it.’

Mia walked behind the settee and back into the kitchen where he heard the click of the switch as she turned on the coffee maker. She called through to ask if he wanted one and he said no. Next thing he knew, she was leaning over the back of the settee and resting her chin against the top of his head.

‘Sorry,’ she murmured. ‘It’s just me. You know what I’m like.’

He reached up to pat her face but was a moment too late as she straightened and retreated into the kitchen.

Well, there ya have it, folks!

Be sure to check out the other stops on the Anything for Her blog tour!

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