Author Spotlight: Becky Masterman (Brigid Quinn Series) @mastermanbecky @PenguinCanada

My friends Amy (Novel Gossip) and Chelsea (The Suspense Is Thrilling Me) are awful influences. When I was telling them about my looming TBR pile, they suggested that I add Becky Masterman’s novels to the mix.

I had never heard of this author before and upon my research, I discovered her Brigid Quinn series that features a kick ass, female, ex-FBI agent who holds no prisoners.   This is right up my alley, so, obviously, I threw all my reading plans out the window and read the first three novels in the series.

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 Rage Against the Dying (Brigid Quinn #1)

The first in the series, Brigid Quinn leaves an instant impression. Still reeling from her time in the FBI, the Route 66 killer who haunted her last bit of time on the job and the role she had in young agent’s death, she is trying to live a normal life. However, Quinn is thrown back into the case after a series of events lead her to believe they may have captured the wrong man and that the real killer is still at large.

When I first started reading, I was absolutely baffled by Brigid Quinn. Without saying anything else, let me just say, she is a feisty woman. Brave, strong and lacking a filter, she is the kind of lady I’d like to hang out with on a Friday night. I liked her immediately.

The case itself was pretty straightforward for me, but I did like the writing style and really, Masterman could have had Brigid Quinn polishing her toes and I would have wanted to see what she was going to do. She was that interesting of a character.

A great debut for the series.

Fear the Darkness (Brigid Quinn #2)

The second book in the series was absolutely more engaging than the first.   After recovering from incidents in the first book, Brigid finds herself comforting a local family who has lost a teenager in a drowning accident.   As Brigid becomes closer to the family, uncovering a series of seemingly accidental deaths, she works to find the truth while dealing with her own personal issues.

Brigid is just as fierce within the pages of this one and I found myself completely in awe at the writing capabilities of Masterman. It is not easy to create a character that is compelling enough to keep me reading even when the plot is slower than what I am used to.

I really loved the ending of this one!

A Twist of the Knife (Brigid Quinn #3)

The third book in the series (so far!) and I found this one to be my favourite- hands down! Quinn finds herself helping her former partner (and old friend) who has been volunteering for a legal group working to exonerate a man from death row.

Masterman opens this one up brilliantly and I was absolutely hooked. I also love how the narrative style has finally settled into her work and I loved the little details that made the POV so original; Quinn goes back and forth throughout her narration by speaking directly to the reader and experiencing the story. Breaking the “fourth wall” a little bit helped to make this one feel completely different from any thriller or police procedural I have been reading.

I was genuinely shocked by the direction that this one took; I was absolutely on my toes.

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Overall, if you are a fan of a strong female protagonist and you have not given this series a try, you are very much missing out!

My recommendation would be to start with the first book and make my way through!  Although they could very well be read as a standalone, Quinn is such a likeable character, you won’t wanna miss any of the action!

You won’t regret it!

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