Discussion Series: How I Balance Books, Blogging and Life


Out of all the questions, I am asked on a regular basis, there is always one that is reoccurring.

I am constantly asked how I am able to get through so many books each week and each month.  I decided, maybe the best way to go about answering these questions will be to start a Discussion Series surrounding how I balance books, blogging and life!

So, I figured maybe the best way to start off would be to ask anyone if they have any questions for me to answer specifically regarding how I balance my reading schedule, blog and life.  Otherwise, I will just ramble on, and trust me, I can totally do that!

So, please, comment your questions and I will be sure to work them into several posts for the end of this week and the upcoming Fridays!


39 thoughts on “Discussion Series: How I Balance Books, Blogging and Life

  1. Can you break down a typical day reading wise for me? Like when do you steal moments to read? Are you a true speed reader? Do you sleep? 😂 Do you follow a set TBR schedule or do you just wing it? I’m sure I’ll think of more I’ll be back later.

    Do you get paid for reviews and will you review my erotica blog? (I’m kidding if anyone else is reading this, Sam knows what I’m talking about)

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    1. Oh yes, that’s amazing! Wouldn’t it be great if we did a “daily book blogger routine post” so we could all (well, just the ones reading this comment :P) share our routines? Like those youtube vloggers 😛

      The most important question was already asked by Amy: DO YOU SLEEP? hahaha Also, do you usually skim through if you don’t really like it? Do you have other hobbies that take you some time? I, for example, watch a lot of movies so that makes it harder sometimes to read more!

      Great idea Sam!

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      1. That would be really fun to see everyone’s different reading habits! Mine would be boring it would be a lot of, deal with my kids, read when they’re preoccupied, deal with my kids, read again, deal with my kids…haha

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      2. So would you mind if I did it? I don’t want to do it if it’s way too similar to the one you were thinking of doing! Or I can totally wait a few months 🙂 Just tell me


  2. I would also like to know about your reading schedule. How do you manage to get through many books? Are you working/studying? If so, how do you balance all that?

    How does the buddy read work? I notice that you sometimes have reviews where three of you read a book. Do you set a deadline, like …we need to read this book by Saturday? The each person send in their review and then you compile? I am interested in that too.

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  3. This is a great idea! I would love to know how you balance it all! I know for me, I always feel like I don’t read as much as other bloggers/bookstagramers, but I have a long commute (sadly by car) and with work, it’s hard to find time to dedicate to reading some days.

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  4. I want to know how you focus on reading! I read ebooks as well, but my mind always wanders, and I end up somewhere else on my phone or only reading a couple of chapters before giving up! Is there any specific way you focus on just reading?


  5. Hi Sam. I love the idea! I’m a book blogger with a full time job, and so I find that I’m only able to read approximately 6 books a month. I would love to read more than that because I’m really battling to get through all the books that are sent to me by publishers and my own TBR pile. My question to you is about speed reading and whether you skim read? Do you read every word of every page, or do you skim read? Also, I believe that it’s possible to learn how to speed read by reading down the middle of each line on the page. Have you ever tried this? I suppose my questions go to all bloggers who manage to read a book every day or two. I just cannot fathom how to read that quickly. I read every word of every page, and that amounts to about 6 books a month. Big bookish hugs. -K- (The Buzzing Bookmark)

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  6. Great post idea Sam! I’m curious to know if you are a dialogue reader or if there’s certain methods that enable you to read so quickly and if so, do you only do that with books that may not be your favorites? I’ve been known to skim dialogue if it’s a book I want to get through quickly but I only do that if it’s a review book that I’ve figured out isn’t all that compelling for me. For books I love, I read every word and then it takes me longer:) Also, do you read on your phone or kindle a lot??

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  7. I love this idea for a conversation starter for a blog post! Mostly I’d like to know how you read so stinking fast!? And what is the trick or balance to reading more than one book at a time. I’ve tried this and I seem to just get hooked on one book and never go back to the other. I take notes so I don’t get overly confused but sometimes I just get overwhelmed by it. I’d really like to read more books at a time but haven’t figured out the secret yet 🙂

    Also, what allows you to receive ARCs. I see a lot of my favorite bloggers read ARCs and I think it’s way cool that you all get to do that! ❤️

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  8. I love this. I am a avid reader also and blogger. At night I like to write out my blogs and save them for posts. But as far as reading I read any chance I get. When I go places with my husband he always drives and I read. I read while watching tv with the family, more like they watch tv I read. I read while working out, on lunch breaks, every night before bed, etc. I can’t read more than one at a time. It is a pet peeve of mine to stay focused on one story, so that I don’t mix them up. lol

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  9. My main question as a newish book blogger is how do you explain to the people in your life that you have self-imposed commitments to reading, in a way that makes them both understand where you’re coming from, and less resentful of the fact that you sometimes have to make the choice to read/write a review/blog rather than spend time with them. I get a lot of grief from family and friends who are not readers, who just don’t understand that reading and blogging is a time commitment of its own.

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    1. I get the same! My husband loves to say: “If you didn’t wast so much time with book reviews (insert here all the things he thinks I could be doing instead).” Except for me it’s not wasted time, I love it!

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  10. How do you deal with ARCs that you are really not enjoying? I find that with full time work and a long commute, my reading time is so limited that I hate spending it reading books I don’t enjoy, but feel obliged to read because I have received an ARC. In the past I would DNF them, but it made my Netgalley ratio look bad. Still struggling with that one!

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  11. I am a new book blogger and struggle to review more than 2 books a month. How have you got into a reading habit that you can read so much? & what could I do to improve my reading when I have spare time? PS I easily distracted so that doesn’t help!

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