When Life Gives You Lemons, You Take a Break from Blogging…

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Hello hello, fellow readers!  I’m back! I have missed the community so much!  Now, I would like to say how much I missed the actual blogging but that would be a lie!  I really needed the break!

The past few months have been filled with change (some exciting and some…not so much) and I found myself in a complete reading slump.  In fact, I haven’t picked up a single book since April!  Coming from a book-a-day reader, that is INSANITY!

Now that I am out for summer break and things have calmed down, I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and doing that on my own terms.  For a while, I was finding myself feeling loads of pressure to read certain books and take part in an abundance of blog tours.  Really, reading was becoming more of a chore than something I could do to relax.  I’ve decided to take an indefinite hiatus from blog tours and am going to try and work my way through my backlist.

So, that may be a little bit boring in terms of new and upcoming books but I want to show the books on my shelves some love instead of getting lost in a sea of review copies.

I am also planning on becoming more involved in the Goodreads community and in the book club that Chelsea (from The Suspense Is Thrilling Me) and I started! Yay!  I am recommitting to my Popsugar Reading Challenge and I am just really excited to move forward and chat books with all of you lovely people!



6 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Lemons, You Take a Break from Blogging…

  1. That’s awesome to hear–glad you have found a way that makes you feel better about blogging/reading. It’s so important to have that downtime and if it’s all tied up with what you “should” read, then it’s no fun at all. Happy to hear you’ve returned!

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