Blog Tour: Lawless and the House of Electricity (William Sutton) @TitanBooks ‏@WilliamGeorgeQ

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Good morning and welcome to my stop on the Lawless and the House of Electricity blog tour!

This new novel, which is actually the third in the Lawless series, by William Sutton follows the discovery of a corpse in London’s East End.

From there, the synopsis of the book explains “The shadows of European machinations loom over the capital. For Sergeant Campbell Lawless, fears become reality as a series of explosions tear across the country. Home Office anxieties lead Lawless to Roxbury House, where the Earl of Roxbury, the country’s foremost weapons manufacturer, resides with a cavalcade of innovative scientists and researchers. Lawless places his best agent, ex-street urchin Molly, in the Earl’s home as he races to find those behind the attacks before the tinderbox of Europe is ignited.”

I am excited to be bringing you a guest post from the author today discussing his inspiration for the book, his sources and the importance of originality as part of my stop!

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