Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Book Recommendations to Help Get You Out of A Book Slump

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Top Ten Tuesday an original feature that was created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  Essentially, for each week the list is a new topic and the feature is designed to share lists with other bookish folks!  I love reading these posts and it’s a fun way to get to know your fellow bloggers.

This week, the theme was an open theme looking at book recommendations.  I decided to make a top ten list of books to head to if you are in a highly feared reading slump.   Those times where you cannot finish a book to save your life, all hope seems lost and doom is upon you.  This may be a little bit dramatic but that is legit how I feel when I find myself slumping.

The books I compiled are all books that I was able to binge read, kept me reading late into the night and help to drag me out of any reading slump.

Keep reading to see my top ten picks of books to help get you out of a reading slump!

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My Top Picks of 2016: Books for Your Christmas List


Book wrap up and yearly book lists are some of my favourite blog posts to read!  I love seeing what other people have read and what books they recommend; almost all my book choices come from recommendations be it from friends, other bloggers, or publishers.  Needless to say, I am always on the hunt for my next, great read!

I have only been blogging since September, so this is my first opportunity to participate in a yearly top picks list!   I am so excited.   In 2016, to date, I have read 102 books!  72 of those are ones that I have finished in the few months I have been blogging; needless to say, I am a busy lady and I have had lots of books to choose from.   I decided to narrow them down by these three rules:

  1. Book Must Be Released or Releasing in 2016 in Canada:   There have been several upcoming books that I have read this year (that I know for sure will make my list for next year), but that isn’t fair to talk about some books that everyone can’t get now!
  2. Book Got a 5 Star Rating from Me on Goodreads
  3. I was CRAZY about this book; I found myself being a creeper and trying to make people read it…sometimes against their own free will #sorrynotsorry

Without further ado, in no particular order, here we go!  Get your wishlists ready!!

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