Book Review: Forbidden Colours (Nicole Fitton) @MisoMiss

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When Midori Yates begins to work for KLD, a pharmaceutical giant, she isn’t sure what to expect. As she becomes engrossed in her work, she truly becomes an advocate for KLD’s most revolutionary drug, Centoria, which is used for the treatment of amnesia and Alzheimer’s patients. However, when Midori begins working alongside a neurologist, Nick Campbell, and he begins seeing some strange symptoms in his Centoria patients, Midori uncovers a dark world and a conspiracy that threatens everything she has come to know….

When Nicole Fitton approached me and requested that I view her romantic medical thriller, Forbidden Colours, I was thrilled! As a huge Tess Gerritsen fan, I am always on the lookout for a medical thriller that will draw me in and leave me as addicted as Gerritsen’s earliest work!
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Book Review: The Girl Who Was Taken (Charlie Donlea) @KensingtonBooks @CharlieDonlea

The Girl Who Was Taken.pngFollowing two high school seniors, Megan and Nicole, in a small town who go missing at a beach party one summer evening. With no clues or leads, police are shocked when one of the teens, Megan, miraculously escapes and finds her way back home. A year later, Megan has written a book about her experiences and Nicole’s sister, Livia, has never given up hope that her sister could be alive. The Girl Who Was Taken, by Charlie Donlea, follows these women as their paths collide, connections are made and truths are revealed.

Sounds crazy right?

When #cjsreads decided to read this as a May pick, I was ecstatic.

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Book Review: Phantom Limb (Lucinda Berry)

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Identical twins, Emily and Elizabeth, grew up with an adoptive family after suffering serious abuse as children. Now, as adults, Elizabeth finds herself constantly caring for her twin. Emily participates in self-harm and Elizabeth finds Emily on the floor of their bathroom, dead. Waking up strapped down, unable to move or speak, Elizabeth finds herself in a hospital where everyone is saying Emily died two years prior. As Elizabeth delves deeper into her past to uncover what happened to Emily, she is also forced to remember all the things from her past that she has worked so hard to forget….

Phantom Limb is my second novel I have read by Lucinda Berry and, let me tell you, these novels keep getting better and better. Phantom Limb, a character-driven thriller, was completely addicting.   I couldn’t put this novel down. Fast-paced, dark, and filled with twists, it isn’t easy to lose track of time within the pages.

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Blog Tour: Last Witness (Carys Jones) @Aria_Fiction @CarysJAuthor

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Thrilled to be welcoming you to my stop on the Last Witness blog tour. As a self-proclaimed ‘Aria Addict’, I am looking forward to sharing my review with everyone!

Last Witness, the second book in the Wrong Number series by Carys Jones, was one of my most anticipated reads this spring. I had read Wrong Number last year and was completely sucked into its fast-paced plot and easily digestible narrative. Carys Jones does not disappoint in her follow up!

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Book Review: The Escape (C.L Taylor) @AvonBooksUK @callytaylor ‏#theescape

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Jo Blackmore, against her gut feeling, agrees to give a stranger a ride. The stranger knows Jo, she knows her husband (Max) and she knows Jo’s daughter, two-year-old, Elise.   “Look after your daughter’s things. And your daughter…” What starts as a subtle threat, soon turns into Jo’s worst nightmare as everyone begins to turn on her and, soon, she has no other option but to try and escape.

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Book Review: The Trophy Child (Paula Daly) @RandomHouseCA

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The Trophy Child, the newest release by Paula Daly, was not your typical mystery story. Part police procedural, part psychological drama and part suspense, I devoured this one in the course of a few sittings.

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Book Review: Change Agent (Daniel Suarez) @itsDanielSuarez @DuttonBooks

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 2.09.28 PMIn the year 2045, Kenneth Durand, an Interpol agent who leads a team against genetic crime, feels the sting of a needle and his transformation begins.   Durand finds himself identified by a cartel in charge of some of the most exclusive black market genetic labs and wakes up in the hospital, completely transformed as Interpol’s most wanted suspect. Now a fugitive, Durand must go deep into the underground world and evade police capture to try and retain his own DNA.

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#cjsreads2017: Bad Little Girl (Frances Vick) @franvicksays @bookouture


I don’t know about you, but whenever Bookouture announces a new thriller I find myself mentally throwing all of my books off my shelf to make room for whatever they are publishing.  Bad Little Girl, a title releasing TODAY, by Frances Vick was a pick for #cjsreads.

Keep reading for a synopsis and to find out what we all thought of this book!

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Book Review: Doll House (John Hunt) @JohnHuntFiction @brwpublisher

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Olivia is a college freshman; bright-eyed, eager for what the future holds until she is abducted and kept hostage locked in a room. For five years she is raped, tortured and abused. Her room is pink. A room fit for a doll. She is a member of their sick collection.  After Olivia escapes her captors, her worries truly begin. Getting out of the Doll House was the easy part; remaining away from the Doll House proves to be the bigger obstacle.

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