Blog Tour- Book Review: Gone Without A Trace (Mary Torjussen) @BerkleyPub

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 6.38.16 PM.pngWelcome to my blog tour stop for Gone Without a Trace!

Hannah arrives home after a business trip to find her life in upheaval. Her boyfriend, Matt, is gone. At first, Hannah is shocked, but as the shock turns to anger and she begins searching she realizes that it is not just his belongings that have gone, but every trace of him. All the photos, e-mails, even the call log in her phone have been erased and it is like Matt has vanished. Did he actually leave her or something much bigger at play? Hannah will stop at nothing to find out.   As Hannah searches, she finds herself wrapped up in something else. Someone is looking for her, as well…and it is looks like they will also stop at nothing.

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Book Review: Watching Edie (Camilla Way) @CamillaLWay @BerkleyPub

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 9.33.56 PM.pngEdie has spent most of her life looking over her shoulder. At thirty-three, a new mum and alone, she soon becomes overwhelmed with motherhood and turns to the exact person she has been running from.

Watching Edie, by Camilla Way, had been in my TBR pile for quite some time. It was recommended to me consistently, so obviously, I decided to forgo my reading schedule and move this to the top of the pile. This one, instantly, gave me serious Fatal Attraction vibes but with a twist. I was all about it.

The novel opens with Edie’s past revisiting her in the form of her high school best friend, Heather. We know something tore them apart. We sense that maybe there was more than platonic feelings on Heather’s end. We know that she will not take no for an answer. As the plot unfolded, I found myself filled with all sorts of rage. I didn’t know whether or not love Edie or to her. I didn’t know if I should trust Heather or send some subliminal book warnings out in hope’s that the characters would hear me. I couldn’t put the book down as I became completely lost in their world.

The novel is told through a back and forth narrative style where the reader sees what is happening in the present and how the past unfolded.     I loved this narrative style; I was hooked trying to figure out how all these pieces would fit together. Camilla Way knows how to do psychological thrillers right.

Overall, I loved this book and easily consumed it in an afternoon. I would recommend this one to someone who wants an easily digested, quick psychological thriller.   I rated it a 4/5 stars on Goodreads.


Book Review: Lies (TM Logan) @TMLoganAuthor @BonnierZaffre

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 6.27.19 PM.png

When Joe Lynch sees his wife going into a hotel during the middle of the afternoon, his curiosity gets the best of him and he follows her in. After seeing her in an altercation with a family friend, Ben, he comes to her defence and ends up taking part in a brawl. When Joe’s son has an asthma attack during this argument, Joe makes the quick decision to leave and take his son to safety. After this, Joe is filled with guilt about the fight and tries to apologise to Ben. But Ben is missing. And Joe is a suspect.

Lies, the newest psychological thriller by TM Logan, takes readers on a path of secrets and revenge. I read this one as a buddy read with Danielle at The Blonde Likes Books (you can check out her review here). I found this novel to be fast- paced and complex; this plot had me hooked from the first pages.

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#cjsreads2017: I See You (Clare Mackintosh) @claremackint0sh @BerkleyPub

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 6.18.39 PM.png#cjsreads has been busy with all our February titles; coming at you today with a 5 star read (and a new logo!).

Keep reading below for a synopsis of the book, I See You by Claire Mackintosh and our thoughts.

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Mystery Thriller Week: Book Review- Medea’s Curse (Anne Buist) @SimoneSinna #MTW

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 6.26.44 PM.png

Medea’s Curse, a mystery by Anne Buist, follows forensic psychiatrist, Natalie King, works with violent criminals. Specifically, in this novel, her clients are all women who have committed infanticide.   As she works through these women’s issues, she becomes entrenched in issues of her own as she begins receiving anonymous notes from someone. Someone who knows too much. Someone who may be putting her in danger….

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Book Review: Blink (K.L Slater) @bookouture @KimLSlater


I don’t even know where to start with this book.

I want to take it and scream from the rooftops. I want to make everyone I know read a copy. I want to knock on doors and leave this book in mailboxes.

If you can’t tell, I LOVED Blink by K.L Slater.

Enthralling, fast-paced and dark, Blink provided all the elements I need to be sucked completely into a book. I read this one into the night, I left the book open on my bed so I could try and absorb more as I slept.

The novels I end up loving the most have alternating narrators whose plots blend together effortlessly: Blink does exactly that.   The novel opens with a woman narrating in a coma. She is unable to move but can hear and process everything. People are discussing turning her ventilator off. She cannot tell them she is there. All she can do is relive, over and over, when Evie went missing.  Flash back three years; Toni is raising her daughter Evie alone after her husband died in active duty in Afghanistan. Coping with pills, Toni is doing the best she can to piece her life back together. A teacher’s aide, Harriet, narrates sections as she manipulates little Evie. All of these seemingly unrelated tales collide with a bang, and when they do, hold on to your seats!

Nothing is what it seems in Blink; if you want a hair-raising thriller, then look no further. Blink is a must read. 5/5 stars.  This one comes out on February 16th.  (and was a #cjsreads2017 pick! So be sure to stay tuned for our group review post!).

Thanks to the author (K.L Slater), Bookoture and Netgalley for the digital copy of this book; it was my pleasure to write an honest review.

#cjsreads2017: Distress Signals (Catherine Ryan Howard) @cathryanhoward



As mentioned previously (check out my original post here), I am partaking in monthly buddy reads with two of my favourite Bookstagrammers- Chandra and Jessica.  For our first read of February, we read Distress Signals by Catherine Ryan Howard and we LOVED it!

Keep reading below for a synopsis of the book and our thoughts.

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Book Review: Behind Her Eyes (Sarah Pinborough) @SarahPinborough @Flatironbooks #WTFthatending


I finished this book a couple of weeks ago and have needed that much time to process this novel. I have spent countless hours speaking with my book blogging pals saying things like “what the actual hell…” “WTF” and “that ending??!!” And now, after all that processing, I am finally able to talk about Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough.

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Book Review: Never Out of Sight (Louise Stone @writercharlie @HQDigitalUK)


Freya has not been the perfect mother; distracted by her own extra-marital affair, she feels she has not been checking in with her teenage daughter, Zoe, as much as she should. One day, when Zoe goes missing, Freya panics. The only way to bring her daughter back is by telling the truth, but when your whole is built on secrets and lies, telling the truth could destroy everything….

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