Book Review: The Rules of Magic (Alice Hoffman)

The Rules of Magic.pngLike I have mentioned previously, I have been looking for books that would get me into the Halloween spirit. Enter, the newest release by Alice Hoffman, The Rules of Magic. I was pleased to find out that this book was a prequel to Practical Magic. Now, I have never read Practical Magic but I watch the movie every year around Halloween and always enjoy it! It was a no-brainer to move this book immediately to the top of my TBR pile.

I went into this novel with no expectations. The first thing I noticed was how whimsical the book felt and how paranormal/supernatural it was not. It sort of had a folktale vibe to it and I was almost expecting for a black cat or a frog to talk at any moment but I was shocked that there really wasn’t any “witchiness” to it.   Aside from a few moments, this book could have been just a run of the mill outcast story. I know that this story is supposed to be more in the “magical realism” genre instead of a pure supernatural story but it didn’t really get me into the Halloween spirit, which was what I was looking for.
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