POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2018

In my bookish goals post yesterday, I promised that I would be sharing a full post about my POPSUGAR Reading Challenge.   Chelsea and I decided we would be committing to the challenge when we were discussing what we want to do in 2018 with our online book club.  This challenge felt like a perfect fit; it can work with any genre, is filled with diversity and is easy to manipulate to fit any reader!  After copious hours (and some help from Chelsea) I finally have my picks to fit the prompts and squeeze in books that were already on my TBR.  YAY!

Like Chelsea, I’ve included the 40 prompts for the regular challenge and following that my 10 choices for the advanced reading list (because I am an over-achiever like that).  Keeping in mind that I wanted to add some classics to my reading selections, read some books on my shelf and fit in some of the books that I want to read that will be published in 2018, I think I have found a good balance with my choices!

Do you see any books you have loved in past years or ones you’d like to read as well? Let me know if you’re participating in the challenge too!

 If you need a group to join in discussing your POPSUGAR challenge for 2018, feel free to join us on Goodreads HERE

Also, if you want to see what Chelsea is reading, she listed her choices for the challenge HERE

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