Book Review: The Trophy Child (Paula Daly) @RandomHouseCA

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The Trophy Child, the newest release by Paula Daly, was not your typical mystery story. Part police procedural, part psychological drama and part suspense, I devoured this one in the course of a few sittings.

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#cjsreads: The Trophy Taker (Sarah Flint) @SARAHFLINT19 @ARIA_FICTION


After seeing Sarah Flint’s Mummy’s Favourite all over the blogosphere, I was thrilled to find out that her second novel was being released this month!  Taking it on as a #cjsreads pick, keep reading for a synopsis and to find out what we all thought about the second in the series starring Detective Charlotte Stafford!

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Blog Tour: The Trophy Taker (Sarah Flint) @SarahFlint19 @Aria_Fiction

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Thrilled to be kicking off the blog tour for The Trophy Taker!  Since I am an over achiever, I have an excerpt and a review for you today! Stay tuned because this book was also a #cjsreads pick!

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Book Review: The Meating Room (T.F Muir) @FrankMuirAuthor @ChiReviewPress

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The Meating Room by T.F Muir, is the fifth book in the series that follows DCI Andy Gilchrist.

The novel surrounds a group of detectives, led by Gilchrist as they try and solve, what they initially deem to be a murder-suicide, by a business partner of the wealthy Thomas Magner. As the team investigates, they uncover that Magner is under investigation for a series of rapes thirty years prior and that he is set to go on trial for them.   As Gilchrist digs to see how these cases are related, he finds himself closer to uncovering a horrifying secret that has lain dormant for decades.

This is the fifth in a series; some novels can be read alone even when they are part in a series. I feel like this novel cannot.   I know that this one was previously published in the UK, but I believe this is the first that will be published in North America.   I really struggled to connect with the characters and their backstories. I was able to piece some of it together but had to make a lot of assumptions and inferences on my own. This is at no fault to the author, it is not his fault I dived right into the fifth book!

The novel opens with a bang; a man is found, an apparent suicide, and when the police arrive at his home to question his family, they find them all brutally murdered. I mean BRUTALLY murdered. This will not be for the faint of heart; even I, the lover of all disgusting and brutally described things, found my stomach turning.

After this initial shock, I found the pace to be quite slow but typical for a police procedural type novel. However, the last 30% of this one was like a roller coaster; up and down and as the pace quickened, this one felt like I was racing to the finish line. I was on the edge of my seat as the final bits unfolded.

Overall, I would be open to reading earlier novels in this series and trying to really get to know these characters.  Recommended to lovers of police procedural novels.

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#cjsreads: Dead Gone (T.J Brearton) @BreartonTJ


As we are starting to wrap up our March reads for #cjsreads, I can’t believe how fast this month flew by!  For one of our last choices, we read a police procedural novel by T.J Brearton called Dead Gone.

Keep reading for a synopsis of the book and to find out what we all thought of this book!


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Blog Tour: The Hell of It All (Bob Kroll) @ecwpress

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So excited to be today’s stop on the blog tour for The Hell of It All: A T.J Peterson Mystery. This novel follows retired Detective T.J Peterson who finds himself re-engaged with a woman from his past and vows to help find her daughter. Peterson is dragged into the underworld of contract killing, money laundering, drugs and prostitution to help find the missing girl. He is into the hell of it all…but will he make it out?

This novel gave me mixed feelings. Let me break it down.

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Book Review: The Forgotten Girls (Sara Blaedel)

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A woman, with a large scar on her face, is found dead in the forest in Denmark. This feature should make identifying this woman easy, but there is no missing person’s report to be found; it is as if this woman had been forgotten. Enter Louise Rick, the new commander of the Missing Persons Department. She will not settle until the identity of the woman is found. As Rick follows her leads to an old state-run mental institution, she comes to find some shocking news. There was a young girl with a scar on her face. This young girl had a twin sister. And both girls have been dead for thirty years.

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Book Review: Stalked (Elizabeth Heiter)

screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-7-53-40-amWhen a seventeen-year-old girl, Haley, goes missing, police are puzzled to what could have happened to this all-American girl. Enter FBI profiler, Evelyn Baine. On the surface, this popular teenager seemed to have no enemies but as Evelyn digs deeper, building her profile, she discovers that maybe people around Haley have more to hide and maybe Hailey had some secrets. And one of those secrets could have gotten Haley killed. As Evelyn races to uncover what could have happened to Haley she realizes that maybe the girl isn’t the only in danger…. perhaps Evelyn is too.

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BLOG TOUR: Missing (Monty Marsden)- EXCERPT


Welcome to my stop on the blog Tour for Missing by Monty Marsden.

 I am so excited to be the third stop on the blog tour. I really enjoyed this novel!

Missing is the debut title by author, Monty Marsden. This novel is a classic police procedural. We meet Police Commissioner Sensi who turns to his old friend, and criminologist, Dr. Claps, after several bodies of young girls are found.   They must work together, along with a helpful psychologist to solve the case and stop the murderer from claiming more victims.  We get to see the inner workings of the case and the conflict between the officers as tensions rise and the stakes grow higher.  The plot is brilliantly weaved and it had a stellar twist for the ending.   You can read my full review here.

My stop of the tour brings you an excerpt of this police procedural.  Check it out! 

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