BOMG Book Review: The Arrangement (Sarah Dunn) @HBGCanada @LittleBrown

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The Arrangement, by Sarah Dunn, was on the top of my TBR list, so, when the library alerted me to the fact that this title was available for me to pick up, I dropped all my scheduled reading and ran like a psycho walked calming into the library, remaining completely serene to pick up this book. I am so glad that I did; this book was downright addicting.

The novel opens with a married couple, Lucy and Owen, having a dinner party with some of their friends. These friends are talking about a scandal in their group of friends; a couple revealed they are having an open marriage.  Following suit, their friends are going to give it a true. Initially, Lucy balks at the idea but what starts as a joke between Lucy and Owen turns into a true experiment, as they agree, that for six months, they will adhere to some guidelines and experience an open marriage.  As each begins their own affairs, they must decide what makes them truly happy and, in the end, if they will choose their original happily ever after or follow their experiment.  Continue reading “BOMG Book Review: The Arrangement (Sarah Dunn) @HBGCanada @LittleBrown”