Blog Tour: The Man Who Died (Antti Tuomainen) @OrendaBooks @antti_tuomainen

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 12.01.18 PM.pngLast year, I read The Mine by Antii Tuomainen and I loved it. I was blown away by the atmospheric style of the writing and the spell bounding descriptions of the Finnish landscape.   This is why I am especially thrilled to be able to be a part of the Orenda blog tour for The Man Who Died, another novel, by Antti Tuomainen.

This one is completely different from The Mine.   Following a successful man in the mushroom business, Jaakko, who is shocked when his doctor tells him he is dying.   Having a few mere days or weeks to leave, Jaakko is further shocked to learn that his cause of his pending passing is prolonged exposure to toxins. Someone has been poisoning him. Desperate to find out who is responsible, Jaakko digging into his own life and finds himself thrust into a suspenseful rollercoaster. Filled with heart-pounding emotions and deliciously dark humour, this book stood out from the moment I turned the first page.

One of the biggest features of the text that stood out for me was the paranoia within the prose. Jaakko is completely paranoid and on edge in regards to who has been trying to slowly kill him (and rightfully so!). Tuomainen brilliantly captures this feeling throughout the pages and I found myself worked up during my reading. I was looking over my own shoulder and second-guessing what food was in front of me. His emotions throughout the course of the text felt so realistic.

This book is certainly one of the most unique that I have read. Needless to say, I sat down to read this one and was not able to put it down.  Without saying much to spoil the plot, I must say, a particular moment at the end, during a speech was one of my favourite parts of the text. Just brilliant!

Thanks to Orenda books and the author for a copy of this book.  It was my pleasure to provide an honest review.

Blog Tour: Wolves in the Dark (Gunnar Staalesen) @OrendaBooks

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Welcome to my stop on the Wolves in the Dark, by Gunnar Staalesen, blog tour! Today, I have a review for you!

I was incredibly hesitant when I decided to read this novel, as it is actually the twenty- first novel in the Varg Veum series! I usually like to read a series from the beginning so I get to really know the character. This book was easily read as a standalone, but I wish I had read others in the series so I had more background. Varg Veum was very complex and well written; I wanted to know more about him!

The novel opens with Veum answering the door to police. They are bringing him to the station due to content found on his computer. Finding out that the content is child pornography and the police are operating under the assumption he belongs to a paedophilia ring, Veum desperately begins to search into his past to find out who could have framed him.

As mentioned, Veum was a very complex character. The ultimate anti-hero type, he is the type of character that gets under your skin. Abrupt, damaged and dark, Staalesen uses his character centred narrative technique to drive the plot and hook the reader. And let me tell you, this worked. I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out how Veum was going to get out of this mess and hoping there would be no truth to it.  Even though it was my first experience with this protagonist, I immediately felt connected to him.

However, I did find the number of secondary characters to be a little confusing at times, and, perhaps, this was because I was unfamiliar with any reoccurring characters or their relationships from the previous novels.   I had to read back and cross reference some of the names and try to figure out how they were connected.  This is, of course, a small complaint.

Wolves in the Dark ended on quite the cliffhanger, so I’ll be eagerly anticipating the next book in the series.

I feel that any readers who relish in Scandinavian crime fiction or old school detective style novels will love this one!

Thanks to Orenda and the author for a copy of this novel; it was my pleasure to provide an honest review.

Book Review: Block 46 (Johana Gustawsson) @OrendaBooks ‏@JoGustawsson

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Well, I am going to cut to the chase people. Block 46, by Johana Gustawsson, absolutely blew me away. This book will end up being one of my favourite reads of the year. Hands down. No questions.

This book wears so many hats; it truly is a book for everyone.   Fans of historical fiction will love its general premise rooted in the Second World War and the Holocaust. Suspense and mystery fans will devour its ominous tone, it’s red herrings and intricate, meticulously weaved storyline. Thriller fans will be impressed with the pace, the jaw-dropping plot twist, and the creepy nature of the serial killer character.

In this story, multiple things are happening right from the first pages. In 2014, in Sweden, a body of a woman is discovered and investigators begin to hunt down the perpetrator.   Not far, in England, the bodies of young boys are being discovered in shallow graves, the work of another serial killer.   Emily Roy, an RCMP (yeah Canada!) and a profiler on loan to the Scotland Yard begins working alongside true crime writer Alexis Castells to investigate these cases. Meanwhile, the novel flashes back and forth to 1944 to Buchenwald Concentration Camp where Enrich Ebner is suffering in the midst of the Holocaust.  Continue reading “Book Review: Block 46 (Johana Gustawsson) @OrendaBooks ‏@JoGustawsson”

Blog Tour: Faithless (Kjell Ola Dahl) @OrendaBooks

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 10.33.09 PM.pngWelcome to my stop on the Faithless blog tour!

As a fairly new reader to the Nordic noir genre, I am always shocked at the atmospheric feel to these novels.

This one was no exception.

Dark and unsettling, Faithless, by Kjell Ola Dahl, had me hooked from the first pages.

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Blog Tour: A Presence of Absence (Sarah Surgey and Emma Vestrheim) @OdenseSeries

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Thrilled to be taking part in the Blog Tour for A Presence of Absence today!   Not only do I have a book review for you, but I also have an excerpt!  Keep reading to find out what I thought about this one and read a bit for yourself!

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Blog Tour: Cursed (Thomas Enger) @EngerThomas @OrendaBooks

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Thrilled to be a stop on the blog tour for Cursed by Thomas Enger today. I have been lucky enough to read several Orenda titles since Clues and Reviews was born and I have never been disappointed.   This novel did not end that streak.   What a fantastic book!

When a woman goes missing, Henning Juul, reeling from his own personal tragedy, is dragged into the case of a missing woman when his ex-wife, Nora, joins the search.

As the pair becomes immersed in the case, they find themselves entangled with one of Sweden’s most prominent families and, as the truth comes to light, Juul is willing to risk everything for answers.

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Book Review: Marked for Revenge (Emelie Schepp) @emelieschepp @HarlequinBooks

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When a Thai girl overdoses while smuggling drugs, all signs point to an elusive narcotics trail.   With a connection to Jana Berzelius, the mysterious prosecutor who has just started putting together bits of her past, she must work to kill the man responsible before he reveals who she really is …

Marked for Revenge, the second novel following prosecutor Jana Berzelius, by Emelie Schepp was a book I was eager to get my hands on. Having read (and enjoyed!) Schepp’s Marked For Life, I couldn’t wait to get more of Jana’s backstory. I was not disappointed. Schepp provides much more to the story in book two, of what I am assuming, will be a trilogy.

I, once again, loved the character development of Jana.   As she becomes more entrenched into discovering bits of her old lifestyle, her character became even more complex. In fact, Schepp seems to excel at developing complex characters. Even the secondary characters in this police procedural have story arcs that intertwine.   However, like I felt in the first novel, I found that there was way too much information involving the characters and I found it hard to get lost in the story.  I was too busy trying to figure out who everyone was and what everyone was doing to really lose myself in the plot.

I also found, on a technical note that the digital copy formatted strangely on my Kindle; this also disrupted my reading.  This is at no fault to the author, just making a note on where I feel I struggled!

Overall, I enjoyed the story as a follow-up but feel people would struggle to read it as a standalone. I would strongly encourage any reader to read the first book before attempting this one.   Overall, I gave this one a 3/5 stars.

Thanks to the author, the publisher and Netgalley for a digital copy of this novel; it was my pleasure to provide an honest review.

The Mine (Antti Tuomainen) @OrendaBooks @antti_tuomainen


Investigative journalist, Janne Vuori, has always been a dedicated reporter. When he is approached to cover a story involving a mining company, whose illegal actions have caused an environmental crisis in a small town in Northern Finland, he is shocked to find out what this case could cost him. His job, his family and his life.

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Book Review: The Forgotten Girls (Sara Blaedel)

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A woman, with a large scar on her face, is found dead in the forest in Denmark. This feature should make identifying this woman easy, but there is no missing person’s report to be found; it is as if this woman had been forgotten. Enter Louise Rick, the new commander of the Missing Persons Department. She will not settle until the identity of the woman is found. As Rick follows her leads to an old state-run mental institution, she comes to find some shocking news. There was a young girl with a scar on her face. This young girl had a twin sister. And both girls have been dead for thirty years.

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