Book Review: Every Last Lie (Mary Kubica) @MaryKubica

Every Last Lie.pngMary Kubica is one of my auto buy authors; everything she publishes, I read and enjoy so I was thrilled when I discovered she had a novel being published this month!

Known for her psychological thrillers, Every Last Lie, follows the life of Clara Solberg after her world is shattered; her husband, Nick, is killed in a car crash with their daughter in the car. Their daughter remarkably unharmed and the crash ruled an accident, Clara cannot help but question what happened. Tormented by grief and obsessed with Nick’s death, Clara is desperate for the truth. Who could have wanted Nick dead? Why were they after him? Who is the “bad man” that their daughter continuously refers to?

The narrative is divided in true Kubica fashion through multiple viewpoints. Clara, as she desperately hunts for answers and Nick, told through his last months before the crash.  Unlike her previous novels, I felt like this one really delved into the characters and developed them.   I had so many ideas throughout this reading. I continuously was guessing, changing my mind and adding new theories into the mix.  Did Nick have an affair? Was he attacked? Did Clara have anything to do with this? Did he fake his own death? Is this a dream? Is Clara in a psych ward? I was constantly frustrated, and entertained, as Kubica weaved the plot

I think my favourite thing about a Kubica novel is the fact that her narratives are never outlandish or far-fetched. The eeriness surrounding the plots is because they are so simple. They are truly something that could happen to anyone.

This is absolutely not a traditional thriller, this is not a rollercoaster ride with red herrings and doom around every corner, and it will not be for every reader, however, if you like a book that is eerily realistic that will keep you guessing, Every Last Lie is a brilliant choice! I gave it 5/5 stars.

Thanks to the author, the publisher and Netgalley for a digital copy of this novel; it was my pleasure to provide an honest review.