Book Review: Phantom Limb (Lucinda Berry)

Phantom Limb.png

Identical twins, Emily and Elizabeth, grew up with an adoptive family after suffering serious abuse as children. Now, as adults, Elizabeth finds herself constantly caring for her twin. Emily participates in self-harm and Elizabeth finds Emily on the floor of their bathroom, dead. Waking up strapped down, unable to move or speak, Elizabeth finds herself in a hospital where everyone is saying Emily died two years prior. As Elizabeth delves deeper into her past to uncover what happened to Emily, she is also forced to remember all the things from her past that she has worked so hard to forget….

Phantom Limb is my second novel I have read by Lucinda Berry and, let me tell you, these novels keep getting better and better. Phantom Limb, a character-driven thriller, was completely addicting.   I couldn’t put this novel down. Fast-paced, dark, and filled with twists, it isn’t easy to lose track of time within the pages.

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Book Review: Appetite for Innocence (Lucinda Berry)

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 8.23.54 AM.pngA serial rapist, John, is kidnapping teenage girls, but he isn’t interested in all teenage girls. He targets virgins. By following their social media accounts, he bides his time and waits for the perfect opportunity. Locked away in a soundproof cellar, they are groomed until they are ready. However, when Ella arrives in the cellar, Sarah knows she is different from the others.   Sarah has been in the basement the longest and knows how things work. Nobody escapes alive.   Or maybe they do….

Appetite for Innocence by Lucinda Berry was my first experience with this author and I am pleased to say it will not be my last! From the first moments of the book, I was hooked.   Fast paced and full of tension, I could not tear my eyes away from the pages as I became consumed by the story of the girl’s captivity.

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