BOMG Book Review: The Identicals (Elin Hilderbrand) @elinhilderbrand @littlebrown

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If I had to describe The Identicals, the newest release by the Queen of Summer Novels, Elin Hilderbrand, I would have to say drama.

Drama, drama, drama.

Estranged sisters, wild teenaged daughters, love affair, family betrayal, loss and good ol’ fashion gossip surrounds the core of this plot making it a delicious summer, beach read!

When Billy dies in Martha’s Vineyard, his daughter Harper is forced to call up Tabitha and Eleanor. Her identical twin sister and mother, whom she hasn’t spoken to in years. Making the trip from Nantucket, Tabitha arrives with her rebellious daughter, Ainsley in tow.   A bit of mistaken identity and mishaps ensue as the girl’s struggle with old demons and to help tie up their father’s estate. A story of lost loves, once buried battles and the importance of family, Tabitha and Harper come to realize their bond is more important than the resentments that tore them apart.

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Book Review: Before This Is Over (Amanda Hickie) @AmandaHickie @littlebrown

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 9.08.01 PMBefore This Is Over by Amanda Hickie, which is out TODAY,  was a book I was incredibly excited to read. I have always been a fan of apocalyptic and pandemic stories, so when I read the synopsis for this novel, I was more than thrilled.   Upon further investigation, I found out that the premise for this novel was inspired by the events of the SARS outbreak in Toronto when the author was living in Canada with her family. I thought that was incredibly interesting, not only because I am Canadian, but also because I can remember this event and the hysteria during this time.   Hickie does a brilliant job at capturing this feeling throughout the pages of her novel.

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