Book Review: The Barataria Key (J.M Richardson) @JMRichardson1

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 7.39.10 PM.pngThe Barataria Key, a historical-esque action thriller by J.M Richardson follows James Beauregard, a professor of history, as he finds himself in the center of a conspiracy after discovering an artifact over two hundred years old. Supposedly written by a pirate, Jean Lafitte and addressed to his son discussing an important relic that must never fall into the wrong hands. As James, along with his friend and colleague Tim, try to hunt down this relic, they find themselves in great danger as they become tangled in a secret society that has been on the hunt for something to change the course of time.

Sort of a mix between National Treasure, The DaVinci Code and an Indiana Jones movie, this one combined smart dialogue, historical mystery and action packed pages to leave me flipping them faster than I could read.   It is so hard to categorize this novel as it brought so many layers to the plot. History, action, a love story, secret societies, a bit from the paranormal; this one truly has something for every reader.

What I Liked:

Historical Content:   I am a huge history buff so I loved the content of this story, and once I did a little research, I realized the story is actually based off of a true Louisiana legend.

 Characters: I loved the dynamic between the characters in this one. From the “bromance” between Tim and James (with Tim providing much comic relief in the story) to the relationship between the conspirators

 Scenery:   I’ve never been to New Orleans, but let me tell you, Richardson made me want to drop everything and go. Filled with vivid descriptions and colourful language, the city came alive within these pages.

 What I Struggled With:

 Redundancy: My only complaint was how many times James and Tim escaped their captors; it was full of narrow escapes. I felt like that space could have been filled developing the story more or used for something different.   This was just my personal preference of course!

Overall, I really enjoyed The Barataria Key and will be looking for more work by this author. I firmly believe that fans of Dan Brown and Jeffery Archer would devour this novel. I gave it a 4/5 stars!

Thanks to the author for providing my copy of this novel; it was my pleasure to provide an honest review.