Throwback Thursday: A Faint Cold Fear (Karin Slaughter) #tbt

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Throwback Thursday is a weekly meme created by book blogger extraordinaire, Renee at It’s Book Talk. She started this weekly feature as a way to highlight old favourites and read books that have already been published.

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As you may know, I have been making my way (slowly but surely) through the Grant County series by Karin Slaughter.  I finished off 2017 with A Faint Cold Fear, the third novel in the series, bringing me back to Grant County and alongside Sara Linton, Lena Adams and Jeffery Tolliver – my good ol’ Grant County pals.   Although I was excited to return to the familiar landscape, I must admit, this one left me feeling a little bit disappointed.

I have come to know the novels of Karin Slaughter for their non-stop action, gripping plot and vivid imagery; however, in this novel I found these aspects lacking. The plot was very character focused, which I liked, but it was just completely different from what I was expecting.

The general plot focuses with a series of suspicious suicides that are plaguing Grant County and the novel opens with a bang (which I will leave a mystery since it truly is a doozey!) but then I found the novel to be a slow, steady ride from there. There were no real twists or turns, nothing that shocked me or threw me for a tailspin. I understand that this beginning twist had a major effect on the characters but I felt myself feeling it was a little redundant.

I also was shocked to how different I felt about Lena in this novel. The past two novels in the Grant County series (Blindsighted and Kisscut), I actually really liked her and her struggle. However, come this book, I wanted to skip over chapters with her narration (which would have been hard since a majority of the novel is narrated through her perspective). I really struggled to maintain any sympathy for her.

I guess we will see what happens with book four!

Has anyone else read this series?  Did you feel the same about the third instalment?