Blog Tour: Trust Me (Gemma Metcalfe) @gemmakmetcalfe @NeverlandBT

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Welcome to the final stop on the blog tour for Trust Me, by Gemma Metcalfe!  I am thrilled to be closing off the tour with a review!

This debut novel was something that I began reading not really knowing what to expect; what a novel to go in blind to! Fast paced and unputdownable, I was consumed in these pages and became completely invested in this unconventional story.

First, the narrative style of this one was completely original.   It had me on the edge of my seat.   Two people speaking to each other over the phone, one person, a telemarketer, and the other, a man in the midst of completing suicide, in present time, begin to reveal their darkest secrets to each other. As the skeletons in their closet are revealed, told in flashbacks, time begins to run out and the question remains, if you are about to die, do your secrets even matter?   Crazy right?
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