Book Review: Fatal (John Lescroart) w/ Author Q&A @johnlescroart @AtriaMysteryBus

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Coming at you today with an exciting feature; not only did I get a chance to read and review Fatal by John Lescroart, but I also had the opportunity to have a conversation with author John Lescroart about his upcoming novel Fatal, and about life in general!    So excited to welcome him to Clues and Reviews today!

First, let’s talk about Fatal!

Kate is happily married; she loves her husband. But when she meets Peter at a dinner party, she cannot get him out of her head. After a night of passion, she vows that it will never happen again.   Six months later, after tragedy strikes, Peter winds up dead and soon, the police are left to untangle a web of deceit.

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Book Review: The Vanishing Year (Kate Moretti)


Zoe Whittaker has it all. She has a handsome, rich husband, a bustling social schedule and all the world’s finest things at her fingertips.   While at a charity benefit, Zoe is stopped by a woman who calls her Hilary. Zoe dismisses this. But what no one knows is that years earlier, Zoe’s life was in danger. Back then she wasn’t Zoe. She was Hillary. And now all her old secrets are coming back to haunt her….

The Vanishing Year, by Kate Moretti, is another one of those books marketed in the psychological/domestic thriller genre and what an awesome addition it was! It is always difficult to review books in this genre, without giving away any spoilers so I will be brief and vague, but the underlying message is that I ended up loving this book.

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