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Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 9.30.43 PM.pngGood Morning and welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Lie to Me!  I am thrilled to be able to bring you a review of one of my most anticipated September releases!

J.T. Ellison is an author whose books top my TBR pile but never actually make it to my reading list; for whatever reason, I get distracted and put them off so I was thrilled to be able to make Lie To Me, the newest novel by J.T. Ellison, a priority for my September. Now that I have finished this book, I have a feeling I’ll be going back to binge read her other novels pronto; Ellison’s writing style is incredibly entertaining!

Sutton and Ethan have built their life on lies; this idyllic couple is not as they seem. With a plethora of betrayals and financial trouble, the couple’s passionate nature and tension filled relationship comes to a boiling point when Ethan wakes up to find Sutton missing and a note stating she has gone away and does not want anyone to look for her. As Ethan’s worry mounts and the police become involved, Ethan finds himself at the center of the investigation. Did he kill his wife? Is he being set up? They appeared to be the perfect couple…

The beginning of this book felt like a lot like Gone Girl to me initially; a missing wife, a husband confused that finds himself the lead suspect and police on the case. However, after about the first one hundred pages I was pleasantly surprised to see how Ellison flipped the typical domestic noir/thriller narrative and brought something so much more original to the plot. I loved the multiple layers, the characterization and the different character POV. It made this one incredibly easy to binge read.   I found myself completely consumed as Ellison through out twist after twist.

Told through alternating POVs (a majority through the eyes of Ethan and the police investigator on the case, Holly) and also through alternating time periods (then and now), the reader is privy to their complicated relationship between Ethan and Sutton and the police case that unfolds. Characterization is a strong suit of Ellison’s writing and I was so impressed with his ability to develop these characters in such a way that I really felt something. I found myself hating Sutton, a character I really didn’t know and feeling conflicted about my feelings for Ethan. This book had me all over the place on the emotion scale.  By the time I got to the end, I was a disaster.  I didn’t see any of that coming; I was shook!  Ellison caught me by complete surprise.

I also really liked the tiny touches in this book as well; each chapter is named. I appreciated that! It is so rare now to have cleverly titled chapters.

Overall, if you are a fan of the domestic thriller style novel, you will love this book. In all the books I have read that have been compared to Gone Girl, this is as close as it gets! 5/5 stars from me!

Thanks to the author, the publisher and TLC blog tours for a copy of this novel; it was my pleasure to provide an honest review!

This book was a #cjsreads pick for September.  Want to see what Jessica and Chandra thought of this one?  Keep reading to find out!

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