Book Review: Blackout (Marc Elsberg)

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Our first June title Blackout, by Marc Elsberg, was a complete bust for me.  I added this one to my DNF pile at 20%.    I didn’t really know what to expect going into this one; sometimes, when a #cjsreads member suggests a title, I go into it blind and hope for the best! Don’t get my wrong, there were lots of things I did like about this book. I liked how Elsberg chose the setting to be in several different places and focusing on several different people. It reminded me a bit of the writing of Ezekiel Boone (who is one of my favourties!). However, as soon as this novel got to be a little political, I knew it wouldn’t be for me.   Maybe if it dove right into the action or started out with some crazy flashback, I would have held on to see what would happen.

Oh well, not every book will be for every reader.

Jessica and Chandra felt different about this book though, so keep reading to see what they thought about this title!

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