My Top Picks of 2016: Books for Your Christmas List


Book wrap up and yearly book lists are some of my favourite blog posts to read!  I love seeing what other people have read and what books they recommend; almost all my book choices come from recommendations be it from friends, other bloggers, or publishers.  Needless to say, I am always on the hunt for my next, great read!

I have only been blogging since September, so this is my first opportunity to participate in a yearly top picks list!   I am so excited.   In 2016, to date, I have read 102 books!  72 of those are ones that I have finished in the few months I have been blogging; needless to say, I am a busy lady and I have had lots of books to choose from.   I decided to narrow them down by these three rules:

  1. Book Must Be Released or Releasing in 2016 in Canada:   There have been several upcoming books that I have read this year (that I know for sure will make my list for next year), but that isn’t fair to talk about some books that everyone can’t get now!
  2. Book Got a 5 Star Rating from Me on Goodreads
  3. I was CRAZY about this book; I found myself being a creeper and trying to make people read it…sometimes against their own free will #sorrynotsorry

Without further ado, in no particular order, here we go!  Get your wishlists ready!!

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