Blog Tour: The Second Captive (Maggie James) @Bloodhoundbook @mjamesfiction

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 10.10.19 PM.pngWelcome to my stop on the Bloodhound Books blog tour for The Second Captive by Maggie James! I am thrilled to have read this book and to be able to provide you with a review!

I am a complete sucker for an abduction thriller; anything where people are held captive and live to survive the tale. Books like Room, Baby Doll, Method 15/33, and The Doll House stick with me long after I have read them. Now that I have finished The Second Captive, I would say this title would need to be added to that list! Fast paced and binge reading worthy; I finished this novel in a single afternoon.

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Book Review: The Marsh King’s Daughter (Karen Dionne) @KarenDionne @PutnamBooks

Marsh King Daughter.png

So many books are releasing in June that I have been highly anticipating.

The Marsh King’s Daughter, by Karen Dionne, was one of them!

I first saw this book back in January and knew I would have to read it immediately. The synopsis even gave me (the lover of all things skin-crawly and creepy) the “heebie jeebies”.

When a notorious child abductor, known as The Marsh King, escapes from prison, Helena knows her family is in danger.  For what no one knows, not her husband or her children, is that she has many secrets from her childhood.  No one knows that she was born in captivity.  No one knows she had no contact with the outside world until she was twelve.  No one knows she is The Marsh King’s Daughter and that he taught her how to be a killer.  And now, her target is him.

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