Short Story Sunday: I Call Upon Thee (Ania Ahlborn) #novella #horror

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Anyone who frequents Clues and Reviews knows that I am completely obsessed with Ania Ahlborn.  Her novels always keep me glued to the pages, holding on to the edge of my seat and looking over my shoulder.  Really, what more does anyone want in a horror novel,  am I right?

I am especially pleased when Ahlborn publishes a novella.  It really helps to give me my fix until another one of her novels publishes. And, since Ania Ahlborn is an “auto-buy” author for me, I didn’t even pay attention to what her newest novella, I Call Upon Thee, was about until after I had already downloaded it to my Kindle.  Once I realized that it had an Ouija board at the core of the plot, I had to take some time to mentally prepare myself.  Ouija boards TERRIFY me. 

 At 246 pages, this novella packs a serious punch.  Using a back and forth narration between the present after our protagonist, Maggie heads home to help after the death of her sister and flashbacks to her childhood, Ahlborn weaves a terrifying tale.  Even small details (creepy niece, anyone?) had me on edge while I was reading.  That is one of my favourite things about her work; she is able to take regular, everyday occurrences and flip them into my worst nightmare.

 Now that I have finished, all  I have to say is YIKES!

If you like a little fright in your reading, then I would say pick this one up!  I loved it. 

Since #cjsreads enjoys all things creepy, we decided to do this one as a buddy read.  Want to see what Jessica and Chadra thought of this Ania Ahlborn novella?  Keep reading to find out!

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Book Review: Blackout (Marc Elsberg)

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Our first June title Blackout, by Marc Elsberg, was a complete bust for me.  I added this one to my DNF pile at 20%.    I didn’t really know what to expect going into this one; sometimes, when a #cjsreads member suggests a title, I go into it blind and hope for the best! Don’t get my wrong, there were lots of things I did like about this book. I liked how Elsberg chose the setting to be in several different places and focusing on several different people. It reminded me a bit of the writing of Ezekiel Boone (who is one of my favourties!). However, as soon as this novel got to be a little political, I knew it wouldn’t be for me.   Maybe if it dove right into the action or started out with some crazy flashback, I would have held on to see what would happen.

Oh well, not every book will be for every reader.

Jessica and Chandra felt different about this book though, so keep reading to see what they thought about this title!

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Book Review: Wicked Game (Matt Johnson) @Matt_Johnson_UK @OrendaBooks

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In preparation for my Deadly Game blog tour stop, I decided to read Wicked Game, the first in the series, by Matt Johnson. Mind you neither of these books are something I am normally drawn into reading, however, when Orenda asks you to read one of their publications, you trust in Karen and fall in line. So, that’s what I did.

Robert Finley, an ex-Army operative, is living a simple, monotonous life with his wife and daughter. He likes it that way. However, when a man connected to Robert’s past is killed, he finds himself thrown back into the past, into a life he has tried to leave behind.   What results is an encapsulating whirlwind thriller that kept me engaged and flipping the pages.

This one reminded me of novels like I Am Pilgrim (which I read for my book club) and the Jack Reacher series; character heavy, plot heavy and absolutely engaging.   This is not a book to peruse casually; once you have entered Robert’s world, expect to be sucked in.

The novel opens with some seemingly random events and, to be truthful, I was initially quite confused with all the characters being introduced. However, once the story began to come together, I was impressed. What seems like random breadcrumbs, in fact, becomes a complete puzzle as Johnson weaves and binds all bits of the plot together.

Johnson creates a stellar character in Robert Finley. When the novel opens, he is just your everyday guy, but then once his past is revealed, he becomes so much more complex! He is sort of an anti-hero type and as his past and present actions are revealed, I found myself rooting for him.

After reading this book, I cannot wait to start reading  Deadly Game and am expecting some big things…no pressure or anything.

I rated this one a 4/5 stars.

 And, be sure to watch out for my post on the blog tour for Deadly Game tomorrow!


Thanks to Orenda for my copy of this novel; it as my pleasure to provide and honest review.







#cjsreads2017: Presidents’ Day (Seth Margolis) @DiversionBooks


For our second February read, we chose a political thriller!  Presidents’ Day by Seth Margolis releases tomorrow (02/07/17)

Keep reading below for a synopsis of the book and our thoughts.

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