Book Review: The Bird Eater (Ania Ahlborn)

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 7.10.26 AM.pngTwenty years ago, Aaron’s aunt, his main caregiver, passed away unexpectedly in her home (known as Holbrook House), leaving him alone. After his seven-year-old son passes away in an accident, he finds himself back to her home in Arkansas as he tries to deal with his own grief and his addictions.   Once he arrives back home, he hears stories and rumors of what has been happening at Holbrook House.   Aaron doesn’t believe in the paranormal but begins to change his tune when he begins to see a strange boy everywhere he goes.   As Aaron becomes more paranoid, begins experiencing visions and having strange dreams, whatever is happening at Holbrook House seems to be getting stronger….will Aaron be able to fight his own demons to stay alive or will what is happening in Holbrook House consume him?

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Book Review: The Shuddering (Ania Ahlborn)


A group of friends, including twins Ryan and Jane, gather at a mountain cabin in Colorado for a weekend of fun.   Drama unfolds instantly, as Jane’s ex-boyfriend brings his new fiancé and Ryan finds himself falling for Jane’s friend. As the group deals with their personal issues, something far more sinister in unfolding in the forest. Watching them. As the snow turns to a blizzard, leaving the group stranded, the things in the forest begin to attack, turning the winter blanket of snow blood red and leaving each person shuddering in fear.

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Book Review- The Devil Crept In (Ania Ahlborn) @GalleryBooks @aniaahlborn



That is all I can say after reading this book.

I had every intention of waiting to review this book in the new year but I feel the need to write this review as a sort of “Public Service Announcement”; this book needs to be added to the TBR list of everyone! It was absolutely addicting and heart pounding. It made my skin crawl.

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Book Review: The Ritual (Adam Nevill)


Four old friends decide to reunite for a hiking trip together; after a failed shortcut, the men find themselves in the middle of a nightmare as they struggle, lost in the wilderness. Already disconnected, the men realize they have outgrown each other and tensions rise.   They stumble across an isolated old house.   Here, they find bones and other items for a ritual sacrifice. Something is in the forest and this is where the real nightmare begins….

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Book Review: The Hatching (Ezekiel Boone)


The Hatching, by Canadian author Ezekiel Boone, follows groups of people, throughout the world, as they begin to make a gruesome discovery.   An ancient species, which has been dormant for thousands of years, is now awake. And it is hungry. Hungry for flesh…

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Book Review: Security (Gina Wohlsdorf)

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 9.38.23 AM.png

Manderly Resort, a luxury hotel by the ocean, is buzzing with excitement. Their opening day is tomorrow and there is still a lot of work to be done. The housekeepers are running room-to-room, cleaning up stains and buffing the marble floors. The cook is working diligently on preparing his opening night meal. The hotel manager is organizing staff and ensuring no detail is left. And a psychopathic, mask-wearing killer is on the loose to slaughter them all…

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Book Review: Disappearance At Devil’s Rock (Paul Tremblay)


Fourteen-year-old Tommy Sanderson has vanished without a trace; he wandered into the woods of Borderland State park, home to the cursed “Devil’s Rock”, and never walked out.   As Tommy’s mother, Elizabeth, frantically searches for answers, she begins being visited by an indistinct figure during the middle of the night and then pages from Tommy’s journal begin to appear on the floor of their home. The entries lead Elizabeth deeper and deeper into Tommy’s life and, soon, she realizes, that the son she thought she knew so well, she may have never known at all. One thing is for certain, not a single person is prepared for the truth about what happened that night; the night Tommy disappeared at Devil’s Rock….

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Book Review: Heart-Shaped Box (Joe Hill)

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Jude Coyne enjoys creepy things. He has a snuff film, a hangman’s noose, and other memorabilia that would give, the average person, nightmares. So when he is contacted through an online bidding website about purchasing a ghost, he decides to put a bid on it. Once the “ghost” arrives in a heart-shaped box, Jude is skeptical but soon he realizes that this ghost is very much real. He is very much angry. And he won’t stop until Jude is dead….

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