Sitting Down With Riley Sager: Author of Finals Girls @riley_sager @DuttonBooks

Last year, I read Final Girls, by Riley Sager, for the first time and I was OBSESSED!  I talked about my love for this book HERE and HERE.   If you are a fan of the mystery/thriller genre, or just a fan of an extremely well-developed narrative, you’ll want to add this one to your TBR pile!  Between the intricate characters, the pacing and the well-developed plot, Final Girls is the perfectly bingeable! And, lucky for us, Final Girls is out in PAPERBACK TODAY!! YAY!

To celebrate the novel’s paperback release, Riley Sager answered a few questions from the #cjsreads crew!  This novel was a 5 star read from all three of us!

Keep reading to check out what Sager had to say to me about reading book reviews, which literary character he resonates with and what the best piece of advice he ever received was! Then, head on over to Chandra and Jessica‘s blog to see the rest of the Q&A!

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Paperback Publication: Say Nothing (Brad Parks) @BRAD_PARKS @DUTTONBOOKS

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 7.14.42 PMI’m alive, folks!  I know I have been a little MIA over the past few weeks; I moved into a new apartment and have been completely preoccupied with life;  however, I had to crawl out of my blogging whole to celebrate the paperback publication for one of my favourite novels I read this year, Say Nothing by Brad Parks!

This book I have recommended countless times to family and friends who all feel the same as I do: this book is pure entertainment and absolutely unputdownable!

In case you missed my original review (and the reviews of Chandra and Jessica- this one was a #cjsreads pick!), you can find that here.  Otherwise, keep reading for a Q&A with Brad Parks!

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Sitting Down With Kaira Rouda: Author of Best Day Ever @KairaRouda @HarlequinBooks


Fall is my absolute favourite time of year; not only do I feel more content surrounded by the bright colours and cooler weather but fall marks the time where the most anticipated releases from my wishlist are published.  Enter Best Day Ever, the newest release by Kaira Rouda (which is out TODAY!) and a book that was topping my TBR pile.

I was lucky enough to be able to chat with the author, Kaira Rouda about Best Day Ever, her thoughts on book reviews and how she spends her time when she isn’t creating her novels.

Keep reading to see what Karia said during our chat!  And, stay tuned for our CJSreviews of Best Day Ever, which we made one of our September picks!

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Sitting Down With Robyn Harding: Author of The Party @SimonSchusterCA

Earlier this summer, I read The Party a novel written by Canadian author, Robyn Harding. I was completely blown away by this novel (if you missed it, my review is here). From the eloquent story telling to the intricate prose, I found this read completely unputdownable; it was not the traditional thriller that I am often drawn to but I found it completely unputdownable and quickly gave it a 5-star review!

Today, I am so excited to have Robyn Harding on Clues and Reviews answering my questions about the book, the writing process, and some serious Canadian business….oh, and there may or may not be a giveaway opportunity!!

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Sitting Down with Grace O’Connell: Author of Be Ready for the Lightning @yesgrace @RandomHouseCA

Earlier this month, I read Be Ready for the Lightning by Canadian author, Grace O’Connell.  I was completely blown away by this novel (if you missed it, my review is here).    Today, I have Grace O’Connell on Clues and Reviews answering my questions about the book, the writing process and some serious Canadian business….

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Book Review: Unsub (Meg Gardiner) @MegGardiner1 @DuttonBooks

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 11.24.41 AM.pngI am one of those people who is fascinated by serial killer thrillers; think Ragdoll by Daniel Cole and The Fourth Monkey by JD Barker, and, of course, Criminal Minds. Truly, anything with a sicko at the core, I completely eat up. Well folks, if you are like me and are looking for a killer summer read, then you best be adding Unsub, the newest novel by Meg Gardiner, to your TBR piles. Heart pounding, dark and visceral, Unsub had me holding on to the edge of my seat and screaming for more.

Drawing inspiration from the Zodiac Killer, a never caught serial killer who wreaked havoc in California during the 1970s, Unsub follows Detective Caitlin Hendrix, a narcotics detective who finds herself transferred to homicide when the killer at the heart of her childhood reemerges. The Prophet, a notorious Bay Area serial killer, nearly destroyed her father, the lead investigator on the case, during her youth and now he is back with a vengeance. Mind games, cryptic messages and violent actions draw Caitlin closer and closer into the Prophet’s web with each gruesome murder.
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Sitting Down with J.D Barker: Author of The Fourth Monkey @jdbarker #4MK @HMHbooks


I am so excited the day is finally here!  One of my most anticipated summer reads is releasing today!   I am thrilled to be wishing a big, Happy Publication Day to The Fourth Monkey by J.D Barker.   When I read this book (in case you missed it, you can find my review for The Fourth Monkey here) I was left in complete awe of Barker’s ability to craft such a brilliant story; for lack of a better word,   I was basically obsessed.  I knew that I had to have the author, J.D Barker, on Clues and Reviews to answer some of my burning questions about the writing process, the book and what is next!

First off, The Fourth Monkey is absolutely insane.  I was glued to the pages.  What inspired to write it?  

Well, thank you!

I’ve known I wanted to write a serial killer thriller for a long time but the story had to be just so.  The formula has been done to death and I needed something fresh. Years ago, I decided if I wrote this book, the killer should die at the beginning of the story. That created a few complex problems, the least of which was where to go from there. The story sat patiently waiting in my subconscious until a day back in 2014 when I was in line at the grocery store. There was a rather rotund woman in line ahead of me in one of those electric carts and a boy of about eight years old standing behind me with his father. The boy said something about the woman, I didn’t hear what exactly, then his father leaned down and said, “Speak no evil, son.” As soon as I heard that, a number of thoughts flooded my head – Who says that? What exactly is happening back at their house? By that night, I had the basis for my killer’s childhood and the story found its way to paper quickly.

I’ve always been fascinated with serial killers and the overall psychology behind them. What causes a person to kill? Is that urge hardwired from the moment they’re born or is it somehow a learned behaviour fueled by environment and upbringing? A combination of both? The more I studied, the more I realized that even the experts don’t really know. They love to pretend they do, psychologists love their labels and find peace in the various boxes they feel they can drop people into but that appearance of knowledge is nothing but a mask. I’ve known good people who grew up in bad places and bad people who grew up under the best circumstances. There are a lot of sociopaths out in the world and only a small fraction of them kill, not all killers are sociopaths. The world isn’t black and white but filled with gray and it’s within that gray 4MK was born. My goal was to write a book that not only entertained but blurred the line between innocent and guilty – I hoped people would not only empathize with the victims but also the killer.

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Sitting Down with Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke: Authors of The Good Widow @LIZANDLISA ‏@LITTLEABOOKS

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 8.19.27 AM.png

Earlier this month, I read The Good Widow (you can check out my full review here) and I loved it. The Good Widow was the perfect novel for a summer at the beach or to binge read in your PJs (with a glass of wine, of course!). From the first pages, I was completely hooked.

Obviously, I knew I had to have this writing duo on Clues and Reviews!  So, without further ado, let’s see what Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke had to say when I asked them about their novel, their upcoming work and who would die first in a Zombie Apocalypse. Just some run of the mill questions.

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Blog Tour: The Silence (Katharine Johnson) @kjohnsonwrites @emmamitchellfpr

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 9.13.28 PM.png

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The Silence by Katharine Johnson.

Today, on my stop I have an author Q&A with Katharine Johnson!

Keep reading to find out about her writing process, who she would cast in the movie adaptation and her thoughts on writing festivals.

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