Books The Spark Joy: The Marie Kondo Tag

I, like many other people, spent the week after New Years binge-watching the Marie Kondo special on Netflix and folding my clothes into teeny-tiny squares.  As far as I am concerned, the Kondo method is pretty solid.  However, I did have a major issue with her stance on books.


Nope. No, thanks.  But, then again, I do realize that a healthy tidy is always a good thing.

Her method really did get me thinking about the books that “spark joy for me”.  The books that make me want to squeal with delight and then immediately force everyone around me (mostly against their will) to read them and discuss plot points with me.

So, I have begun to tidy my books and make a donate pile As I am tidying my books, I’ll be adding to my list.

First up in my pile:

Harry Potter

Okay.  Fine, I cheated a little bit here.  I included an entire series; how could I not?  Harry Potter is one of those things that spark so much joy that I find myself overwhelmed! Truly I find re-reading these books to sort of be “the solution” to everything.  Feeling sad?  Read Harry Potter.  Feeling nostalgic?  Cuddle up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.  Feeling like life has you down?  Read some HP and realize that your luck could be WAY worse; I mean all my problems seem small when I take into account that an evil wizard is not my arch nemesis and constantly trying to destroy me.


I just can’t quit Joe.  I know I should.  I know it’s wrong.  I know it’s bad.  Whenever someone tells me they haven’t read this book, I find myself internally screaming and trying to keep my cool.  I usually force them immediately to borrow my copy and then message them every few days so I can experience it again for the first time.  So creepy; so good.   Joy sparked.

Flowers in the Attic

Love. Love. Love.  Not only was this one of the first books I distinctly remember reading as a preteen but it was also one of the first books my mom remembers reading as a teen.  I guess this one feels like one of the OG creepy novels; one of the first novels that had me looking over my shoulder and reading late into the night.  Definitely feel like doing a Kondo-coo when I hold this one.

The Great Gatsby

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book.  I have multiple copies.  I remember the exact place I was when I opened this book for the first time.  Oh, old sport, what a spark of joy you give me!

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Which books “spark joy” for you?  Which ones would stay on your shelves no matter what?

Let me know!




4 thoughts on “Books The Spark Joy: The Marie Kondo Tag

  1. I love this post! I have a shelf on one of my bookcases dedicated to books that spark joy (or nostalgia), some of the top picks are:

    The Kite Rider by Geraldine McCaughrean (first and only book I was ever allowed to buy from a Scholastic book fair!)

    Jane Eyre (because Jane Eyre!)

    Ghost Light by LeeAnne Hansen

    The Shining by Stephen King

    Bit of a range there…


  2. Nice post! I love The Great Gatsby and Harry Potter, too. Flowers in the Attic is new to me. I have to look into it, thanks!


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