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If you have been a long term reader of Clues and Reviews, you will know that I have a very strange love/hate relationship with police procedural novels.  I always struggle with the pacing, the characters, and the same storylines.  So, when I picked up Caged, by Ellison Cooper, from the library, I was shocked to find out that a book I had waited for for so long was a police procedural.


Needless to say, I dragged my feet a bit before I started and decided I would read a chapter, to be fair, before I returned the book.

Well, joke is on me!  The second I opened the first page, I was completely hooked.  I read late into the night; the kind of reading night that leaves your eyes burning because you cannot put down the book.  I was obsessed.

The novel opens with the discovery of a body.  A deceased female, held in a cage, is found by police and FBI agent Sayer is notified to take lead on the case.    I loved this character.  She is sort of the no-holds-bar type of personality that makes her strong enough to hang with the “big boys”.  Intimidating, talented and strong, she makes her mark early on in the book.  She has a typical “team” that works alongside her and I found each of these secondary characters extremely likeable.

As the book moved on, I found that the twists and turns were very steady and I was unable to guess what was happening next.  In fact, I made several wrong assumptions and was impressed with how Cooper truly decided to roll out the story.  From each small detail, I found myself more invested in the plot and speeding through the pages.

I am thrilled that this is the start of a new series (the next novel releasing sometime next year) and would highly recommend this novel to readers who enjoy the Brigid Quinn series by Becky Masterman or even The Fourth Monkey books by J.D Barker.

Loved.  Read this book!

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