Book Review: The Summer Children (Dot Hutchison)

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A few years ago, I read The Butterfly Garden and was completely obsessed.   So, naturally when I found out that the book was to the first in a series, I was thrilled!!  I anxiously awaited the second book (Roses of May) and was a little underwhelmed.  However, I had high hopes for The Summer Children (the third book in the series).

The novel follows Agent Mercedes Ramirez who has a horrid past and a need for survival.  When abused children begin to show up at her door stating that an angel killed their parents and brought them to Mercedes so she could keep them safe, she finds herself in the middle of an investigation to find a vigilante killer.

My favourite part of The Butterfly Garden was the narrative style and the creepy events that took place in the garden; however, similar to Roses of May, I found that this one read more like a police procedural. Instead of being character driven, this one focused more on the police investigation and the officer’s relationships to the victims.

I did like the general story but now that I have finished, I have to say, I am very conflicted!  I know that I will absolutely continue to read the books in the series but I will be doing so to chase the feeling that I had when I read The Butterfly Garden.


One thought on “Book Review: The Summer Children (Dot Hutchison)

  1. I loved the butterfly garden and wanted to love the other two just as much, I do understand you wanting to chase the feeling from the first as I was the same when I finished the trilogy.


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