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Good morning and welcome to my stop on the Aria Publishing blog tour for the psychological suspense novel, The Good Mother, by Karen Osman!

I am thrilled to be hosting and to be able to bring you a guest post by the author herself.

Before we get to that, let’s check out a synopsis of this book, shall we?

How far would you go to protect your children? A gripping psychological suspense, with a shocking twist that will leave you reeling…

Catherine is a good mother and a good wife. The family home is immaculate, her husband’s supper is cooked on time, but when she starts writing to Michael, a prisoner convicted of murder, she finds herself obsessing about his crime and whether he can ever truly be forgiven…  

Kate has no time for herself.  Caught in the maelstrom of bringing up two young children with no money, and an out of work husband, she longs to escape the drudgery of being a wife and a mother. And she soon starts taking dangerous risks to feel alive…  

Alison has flown the nest. But university life is not what she had hoped for, and she finds herself alone and unhappy. Until the day her professor takes a sudden interest in her. Then everything changes…  

Three women – all with secrets. And as the days tick down to Michael’s release, those secrets can no longer be ignored.

Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it?  Keep reading to read how Karen Osman, the author of The Good Mother, wrote her novel!

How I Wrote A Novel

The beauty of writing for a living is that you can write from anywhere. I live in Dubai and often write from home for example, but my agent and publisher are in the UK. Not being chained to a desk in a corporate environment is a dream of freedom for many of us (I’m currently typing this on my laptop in bed!) Yet, I soon learnt that such a relaxed approach to writing novels doesn’t get the job done. I normally consider myself a fairly disciplined and motivated person but it’s incredible how many distractions there are in your own home.  Never has folding laundry being so enticing when you know you have at least 2000 words to write that day. Having been writing for clients for the last seven years and the last 18 months writing a novel as well, here are a few techniques I use to make sure I meet deadlines and get the job done.  

  1. Identify when your motivation is at its highest

First thing in the morning on the first day of the week is often when I get the most writing done. I feel refreshed and energized after the weekend so I make the most of this time by making writing the first thing I do before I do any other task. In order to avoid any distractions, I keep my to-do list next to me so I can make a note of it and forget about it until later.  As I have a daily word target, I will often go beyond it when my motivation is high and that gives me a little leeway in case I have a bad day during the rest of the week.

  1. Keep Editing To A Minimum Initially

It’s incredibly tempting to go back and continuously edit and re-edit your work but I try and avoid this, especially in the beginning. My motivation starts to climb along with my word count, so the more I write, the more I feel I can write.  Of course, there are times when I write dribble, but if that’s the case, I will highlight it in red to flag that a particular section needs work at a later date.

  1. Map Out Your Chapters

It’s amazing how many details you have to remember for a novel and how easy it is to become confused, especially if you’re switching between different time periods. By mapping out your chapters and creating character profiles, it becomes a useful reference tool to use so you have an idea what you’re supposed to be writing that day. There are various ways to do this – I simply use a notebook, but I know people who use Post It notes, mind maps, and even online systems to help plan their novel.

  1. Have A Plan For When Your Motivation Is At It Lowest

If you’re like me, some days can be harder to write than others. Whether I’m distracted with other demands or simply lacking inspiration, a blank screen can be one of the most off-putting things for a writer. To address this, I made a list of back-up plans, my most favourite being to move to another location – a change of scene normally does the trick. Another option is to go for a walk or do some yoga – a writer’s life is fairly sedentary so even just ten minutes of movement can help. Finally, a good network of other authors is a great support. I set up a Facebook page to keep us all connected and share writing tips and techniques.

These are just some of the ideas that work for me. Every writer works differently though and I always love to hear hacks from other writers – please feel free to share!

Be sure to check out the other stops on The Good Mother blog tour!

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