Blog Tour: Dan Knew (FJ Curlew)

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 3.36.34 PM.pngGood morning and welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Dan Knew by FJ Curlew. This book is something completely different from Clues and Reviews and the books I normally read. However, I am such a sucker for a story featuring a dog. I am probably 100% percent, absolutely, a little bit obsessed with my own fur baby (which I have mentioned before, I think) so I was pretty excited to read this story about a street dog who is rescued.

This story is also semi-autobiographical; the animals (and people!) in the book are all real so I enjoyed that there was a personal connection with the author and the text. I think that it made the story more heartfelt.

From the opening pages, the story was very different. The plot is actually narrated from the perspective of the dog, Dan, which I found to be incredibly interesting.   I often find myself thinking what my dog would say if she had the opportunity to narrate her own story so I loved seeing this perspective.  Dan is living on the streets in the Ukraine when a little girl, who becomes his new “mother”, finds him and he ends up joining their family and travelling with them.

As mentioned, I am such a sucker for stories like these so I obviously found myself feeling emotional during the course of my reading and I absolutely struggled with some darker parts of the story, in particular, the ending.  I found myself feeling more depressed during my reading of the story as Dan was consistently questioning the behaviour of his owners and essentially “moulding” his feelings to that of his owner. I definitely did not find this the “feel good” story that I was expecting to feel.

Overall, it was a very different story but it left me feeling incredibly depressed. Maybe I’m just too sensitive!

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