Cover Reveal: If You Only Knew (Cynthia Clark) @Aria_Fiction @cynthiaNYC

Good morning and happy Tuesday!  Ah!  I am bursting with excitement and  am thrilled to be bringing you a cover reveal for the newest psychological thriller being published by Aria books!

If You Only Knew, the debut thriller by Cynthia Clark, follows a student named Elizabeth who, after a terrifying night, ends up with a stark choice.  Kill or be killed.

Say what???!!

I don’t know about you but within reading the first few lines of the description, I was already all about this book.  I have a full synopsis below but I cannot keep you in suspense any longer!  Want to see the gorgeous cover?  It’s a beauty!!









AH!! The broken glass??!!  The rings!!??  I am such a sucker for a domestic thriller. I cannot wait for November for the publication date!!!

Synopsis of If You Only Knew

A wife, a mother, a killer.

One wrong decision, one terrifying night, leaves student Elizabeth with a stark choice – kill or be killed. And the consequences of that choice will shape her whole life.

Now a wife, a mother, and a lawyer, she must find a way to out run her past, protect her family and live with her secret. But is it really possible to live a happy life with such a huge shadow cast by the past? And as it becomes clear that someone else knows her secret and is hunting her down, time is running out for Elizabeth to keep her family safe.

In the bestselling tradition of Clare Mackintosh and Jenny Blackhurst, Cynthia Clark has written a heart-stopping story about the choices we make and how far we’d go to protect our families. Even if it means deceiving the people we love most…

About the Author:

Cynthia Clark was born and brought up in Malta, where she graduated in Communications and went to work for a daily newspaper. She has since lived in the US, where she worked as a writer in online business journals. She and her husband now live in London with their twin daughters.



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