Blog Tour: Thief’s Mark (Carla Neggers) @TLCBookTours

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 7.59.58 PM.pngWelcome to my stop on the blog tour for Thief’s Mark, a Sharpe and Donovan novel, by Carla Neggers!

I am always on the lookout for new authors to add to my favourites and I had never read a novel by Carla Neggers before, so I was pretty excited to dive into this one.

The novel’s premise is very interesting, but also a little confusing, so let me do my best to try and give a small summary: a man (Oliver), witnessed a terrible tragedy as a child (his parent’s murdered and then being the victim of a kidnapping), is in danger after one of the men who tormented him surfaces.   Enter Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan, newly married and on the tail end of their Irish honeymoon, postpone their meetings with their elite FBI team to try and help Oliver. However, when they arrive, they find a dead man at his home and Oliver vanished.   As danger mounts, they must unravel old secrets and bring justice.   Follow that?

Now I’ll be honest, going into this novel, I didn’t know that this was the seventh in a series, so I was a little bit surprised to find myself so disoriented in the beginning.   The story begins immediately. Now, don’t get me wrong, the author does a good job of easing the reader into the story, but I absolutely felt like I was missing huge chunks of a backstory and the character relationships.   I also felt a little bit confused with the location and settings in the story; they seem to jump around quite randomly without much warning. I would find myself getting into the story and then leaping across somewhere else.   I do feel like this had more to do with my copy on NetGalley and not the writer’s ability because it is very obvious this woman can write! However, it was a little distracting nonetheless.

The romance aspect, which I know has been a big complaint for some, was one of my favourite features of this novel. I love when an author can bring a little bit of edge and keep a romantic element. It helps bring some hope to all the doom and gloom in a typical police procedural.  I was a huge fan of Emma and Colin and would absolutely read more into the series to see how they came to be a couple and gain some perspective.

If you like a police procedural with multiple elements moving simultaneously, then I believe this one will catch your interest!

Thanks to TLC book tours for a digital copy of this novel; it was my pleasure to provide an honest review and participate on the blog tour!

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