Book Discussion Part II: Bring Her Home (David Bell) @DavidBellNovels @suspensethrill

Welcome to the second day of the Suspenseful Clues and Thrilling Reviews book club discussion! If you’re new to Clues and Reviews, I’d like to welcome you!  I am so glad you are here.

This month’s pick was Bring Her Home by David Bell, a suspenseful mystery surrounding the disappearance of two teenage girls and the havoc it wreaks on one widower in particular.  I mentioned yesterday that we’ve chosen to use the official book club questions provided via the publisher for this book, and I’m going to lay out what to expect below.

So, a little run down before we continue: First, if you haven’t read the book yet, go ahead and stop here. There will be spoilers below and you can always join in at a later date once you’ve completed the novel. We won’t be closing these threads and would love to have you join in anytime you feel ready. With this being our very first month, we aren’t set on a format or formula for these discussions yet, so please bare with us as we try a few different ways of doing this. For the first month, we’ve decided to spread this out over two days; we will each host a post with 6 different questions as to not take up too much time for each reader and allow you the chance to visit both our blogs. We’ll answer a handful of questions and also be posting some blank as well; you are welcome to answer any of the questions you see in the comments below (dictating which number in your answer if possible) or feel free to post your own inspired comments and questions!

Chelsea hosted the first part of the discussion yesterday over on The Suspense Is Thrilling Me, so, if you missed it, be sure to check that out HERE!

Finally, David has generously offered up a copy of his successful previous novel Cemetery Girl to one lucky winner! To be considered for the giveaway, you must participate in the discussion via both blog posts, whether it be a thought you had on the book, an answer to a discussion question, etc. We have to keep it to US entrants only, but the discussion is open to everyone worldwide! We’ll be closing the giveaway Friday, August 18 at midnight, so make sure and leave your comments by then.

Let’s continue discussing the book!

SEVEN) Bill and Julia were having difficulties in their marriage. Do you think their marriage would have survived had Julia lived?

-This is a tricky question.  Marriage is hard.  Relationships are hard.  I think anyone in a long term relationship or in a marriage would agree.  People naturally will have difficulties in their relationships and it will not always be sunshine and roses.  I think this purely depends on the people in those relationships and how hard they are willing to work to make it work.   From the characterization of Bill, I feel like he took Julia a little bit for granted while she was alive.  It felt like he really romantisized her after she passed away.  With that thinking, it makes me believe maybe they would have separated if Julia had stayed alive since Bill didn’t seem as committed when she was alive.  I cannot speak for Julia since we truly do not get to know her much throughout the text.

EIGHT) Were you surprised to learn that Adam had been in the house on the day Julia died? Do you understand why Summer kept that a secret from her dad?

-I was not surprised because I was suspicious about Adam right from the start! I kept telling Chelsea, that guy cannot be trusted!  I had a feeling as soon as I met Adam that it would end up in a similar way.  I can understand why Summer would keep a secret like that from Bill.  I think Summer really did care about her dad and wouldn’t have wanted her mom’s memory tainted, especially since Bill was having such a hard time already.

NINE) Do you think Bill and Summer made the right choice to have Julia’s body exhumed for an autopsy? If it were your mother or spouse or sister, would you have wanted to know the truth?

-I,  100%, would have wanted to know the truth, especially since the cause of her death was constantly questioned during the course of the novel and it was something that was haunting Bill prior to the events.  He alluded to the fact that he was desperate to know her last moments and how things actually happened.  Then again, I suppose it really did make no difference since knowing the exact events of her death changes nothing.  She is still dead and there no changing that.  However, for the sake of moving on and the ability for closure, I would have made the same choice as Bill and Summer.

TEN) Teena and Brandon, while not as deeply involve in the crimes as the other teenagers, still kept secrets and showed poor judgment. Would you want to see them prosecuted for their roles in the crime?

ELEVEN) Do you believe Doug when he says he would never have hurt Emily and only wanted to help solve the crimes?

TWELVE) At the end of the novel, Bill briefly contemplates destroying the recording of Julia’s voice from the day she died. Why do you think he thought about that? Do you think he made the right choice in keeping them?

*Thanks so much for participating in this month’s discussion.  Best of luck to those entering the giveaway and I look forward to chatting with you below! ❤

18 thoughts on “Book Discussion Part II: Bring Her Home (David Bell) @DavidBellNovels @suspensethrill

  1. Ten) So I don’t remember if we talked about this specifically Sam, but I felt like Teena andBrandon were guilty in their own ways, Brandon moreso than Teena. Honestly, I felt Teena just got wrapped up in a bad thing and couldn’t get herself out; she seemed to try her best to get people involved and let them know what happened. Brandon, however, I felt was just as guilty as the other boys and I was a little concerned that he would get off without any sort of consequences.

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    You know, I do. I think despite their problems they were still in love with each other. Obviously you never get to know Julia but I would like to think they would’ve roughed it out. Maybe they could’ve overcame their issues. I’m a hopeless romantic though haha.

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    1. I’m a total pessimist too, but I am being optimistic here as well. I think she was going to break off the affair and try to work on her marriage.

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    Omg yes! I think closure is so important and not knowing would drive me insane. I think they absolutely made the right choice.

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  4. EIGHT) I wasn’t surprised to find out Adam was in the house that day. I had a bad feeling about him from the start. I can see why Summer didn’t mention it. The explanation that she gave made complete sense to me.

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