Book Review: In A Dark Dark Wood (Ruth Ware)

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 12.27.06 PM.pngIn A Dark Dark Wood, the debut novel by Ruth Ware, seemed to be a book that I had seen popping up everywhere over the last couple of years; I had purchased this book wayyyyyyy back when it had first released and it had sat on my shelf.

Poor thing.

After reading Ruth Ware’s newest release, The Lying Game and enjoying it (you can check out my review for that one HERE), I dusted off my copy and dove in!

Now, looking at this novel from a lover of crime fiction, while I did find this book utterly entertaining, did it blow me away?


In fact, I called the ending fairly early on and found most of it to be fairly predictable. Some of the character’s actions made no sense (why are you going to meet up with someone for a weekend away if you haven’t spoken in ten years?) and it was very clear what direction the book was going on.  However, in the same breathe, I have to say, I can completely see why people raved about this book.

I was entertained right from the first pages.

I really like that Ware takes ordinary scenarios (like a bachelorette party) and flips the switch to make it into an anxiety filled experience. It really does make it feel like it could happen to anyone, which I love to feel during my reading. I was especially intrigued since my own bachelorette party is steadily approaching….I’m obviously hoping mine goes better than this one!!

I am a fan of novels, like the Pretty Little Liars series and anything by Liane Morarity that can take a “chick lit” and put a darker spin on it; that is exactly what Ware does in In A Dark Dark Wood however, if you are someone looking for a hardcore, suspenseful thriller, this one will likely leave you wanting.

Regardless, I’ll continue reading Ware’s novels for the sheer pleasure of an enjoyable read!



6 thoughts on “Book Review: In A Dark Dark Wood (Ruth Ware)

  1. I read this when it first came out and felt pretty much the same as you. From reviews I’ve read her next 2 are much better… I really need to get around to them!

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  2. Great review. I thought similar to you and was very disappointed – it felt very much like a Point Horror to me. I also live in Northumberland and there were some inaccuracies that were jarring and distracted me which was a shame. However, I may give another one of her books a go, this book just might not have been right for me.

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