Book Review: Two Nights (Kathy Reichs) @SimonSchusterCA

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Being a crime fiction fan, it is not easy to peruse any sort of crime shelf without seeing a book by Kathy Reichs.   When I read the synopsis for Reichs’ newest standalone thriller, Two Nights, I knew that I would have to give this one a read. As soon as I started reading Two Nights, it became very clear why all of her books do well. Reichs can weave a serious story!

Two Nights opens with the introduction of Sunday Night. Sunday is a woman with a tumultuous past, a grudge on her shoulder and some serious killer instinct. After leaving the police force after some misconduct, she is drawn back to the scene privately after a wealthy woman approaches her to look into the disappearance of her teenaged granddaughter. As Sunnie begins her investigation, she comes into more danger than she ever believed and not only fights to save the missing girl but also her own life as well.

From what I know about Kathy Reichs, her other novels have a lot of strong female characters. Similarly, in this novel, we have Sunnie. She is one tough cookie and gives all males in her field a run for their money. But she also has a soft side, which I found to realistic. I find a lot of times in literature, the female protagonist sometimes comes off as cold in order to “hang with the big boys” but not Sunnie. I found her relationship with her twin brother August (Gus) to be quite endearing. Although I liked her in theory, I didn’t really find myself connecting with her as a character.

As for the plot of this one, so many things missed the mark for me. I found this one to be considerably slower paced and, although it was an easy read to get through (probably due to Reichs’ ability to write), I didn’t find like I absorbed a whole lot of what was going on. Nothing really affected me; I didn’t find myself too invested. The one thing I really did like, and what stood out for me, was the cult subplot to this storyline.

Like I mentioned, I did find that although this was a quick read even though I did not find myself completely invested in the story or connected to the characters.   I feel like this would be a good entry point to those new to the crime thriller genre, but to those who are seasoned, this one may miss the mark.

I gave this one a 3/5 stars.

Thanks to Simon and Schuster and the author for a copy of this novel; it was my pleasure to provide an honest review.



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