BOMG Book Review: Single Minded (Lisa Daily) @lisadaily @StMartinsPress

Single Minded.png

When I came across Single-Minded by Lisa Daily I knew immediately it would be added to my list of summer reads. I am always on the hunt for a solid palette cleanser that breaks the mould from a traditional chick-lit novel.

An incredibly type A, overachiever type, Alex, has planned and executed her life since she met her future husband on the first day of kindergarten. There is only one problem. Alex’s husband, Michael, is gay and he didn’t mention that in the 23 years since they first met.   Now, Alex finds her perfectly planned and balanced life falling apart. Out of practice and unsure what to do, she turns to her girlfriends and her now ex-husband for dating advice. Alex is forced to navigate the modern dating scene and try to find a second chance at love.
I loved the writing style of Daily. I found her prose to be engaging and I easily read this book in a single sitting!  Lots of humorous moments and pop culture references kept it light and beach read appropriate.   There were several laugh-out-loud moments.

The plot of the book was a little bit different than what I originally thought it would be. I figured maybe she would be trying to figure out how to live her life on her own, depend on some sassy girlfriends for kooky dating advice and then run into a love interest. However, I was actually surprised when she jumped back into the dating scene right away and decided to follow all the ridiculous dating advice to sleep with as many men as possible to accomplish the “Naughty Nine” (which is the magic number her friends believe will make her a more “well rounded” lover). I think I may have loved the book more if she had done her own thing and then met her love interest.

Either way, I think this one is a perfect beach read!

This one is out today!

Thanks to the author, the publisher and Netgalley for a digital copy of this novel; it was my pleasure to provide an honest review.

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