Book Review: The Weight of Lies (Emily Carpenter) @EmilyDCarpenter

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 9.04.14 PM.pngThe Weight of Lies, the newest release by Emily Carpenter, was a book that I had been recommended to me by several of my favourite bloggers, so I knew I had to read this one ASAP!

The novel opens with Meg, reformed party girl and daughter to superstar writer extraordinaire Frances Ashby. Ashby, who is best known for a best-selling horror novel, Kitten, has made her fortune off of the murder of a young girl that inspired the book. Forty years later, and sick of her relationship with her mother, Meg is pushed over the edge by a personal tragedy and agrees to write a tell-all book about her mother.    Digging into the past, and the cult classic her mother wrote, Meg finds herself in Bonny Island, Georgia questioning the facts of the decades-old murder.   And, when Meg finds herself in danger, she realises her mother’s book isn’t the only horror that came from Bonny Island.

Truthfully, I had picked up and put down this novel several times before I finally made the commitment to read it. I was initially thrown off by the narrative style.  The novel goes back and forth between present events, as Meg narrates, and excerpts from the Kitten novel, written by Frances Ashby. However, once I really sat down and dedicated some time, I found that although this novel was completely different from what I was expecting, I found myself entirely sucked in. Right from the first pages, I needed to know what truth was in the book and where Frances truly received her inspiration.

I loved the bit of diversity that Carpenter brings to the plot by adding in bits of Native American culture and combining that with the Southern Gothic style of Flannery O’Conner and William Faulker. I was fascinated by how this one felt like it was set it a completely different world.

Although I loved a majority of this novel, I did find the end a little lacklustre. I felt like I had lots of build up but not enough satisfaction by the way the ending was executed. Even with that, overall, I found this to be a highly entertaining read.

Highly recommended for those who like atmospheric family drama built into their thrillers.  I gave it a 4/5 stars!

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