BOMG Book Review: Mr. Right Swipe (Ricki Schultz)

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I’m always looking for a solid palette cleanser and Mr. Right Swipe, by Ricki Schultz, seemed like just the book to give me a little something different!  Rae is looking to find love after her divorce the 21st century way:  by going online.   When one of her hot co-workers ends up on her dating app, she swipes herself right into a new problem!

There were lots of funny moments in this book and some one-liners that had me laughing out loud.  Ricki Schultz is clearly quick witted and that transfers over to her prose.

However, so much of this book seemed so young.   Half of the time I struggled with the way the characters spoke and I struggled with the use of the hashtags. #ifeeltoooldforthis #idontneedthisasimreading  For a character that is in her early thirties, I felt like this made no sense and it didn’t feel as if they were being used ironically.  I kept picturing her as Amy Poehler in Mean Girls (you know where she states she isn’t a regular mom, she’s a cool mom).  I think I would have loved this novel WAY more if the language would have made more sense for a thirty something or if the character would have been in their early twenties.  I couldn’t take Rae seriously.

I gave this one 2.5/5 stars.

Thanks to the author and the publisher for the copy of Mr. Right Swipe; it was my pleasure to provide an honest review

This was also a #cjsreads pick! Keep reading to see what Chandra and Jessica thought of this one

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What Chandra Thought:

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Quinn’s getting married and her only stipulation is that Rae find a date to bring to the wedding. Val, the third BFF and married, agrees with Quinn and they decide Rae needs to get on the dating app, Spark. Rae, coming off a relationship that hurt her deeply, is jaded but agrees to try Spark. Finding a match, she lets her guard down a bit .. but then there’s Nick, a friend who she establishes a friendly rapport with who gets under her skin. I think we can all see where this book is going to go, right?

The opening paragraph talking about tequila being “…pure, unadulterated DGAF juice..” cracked me up! While I veer towards rom-coms as palate cleansers, they don’t always work. The issues I had with this novel: 1. Way too many acronyms such as DGAF. 2. Way too many hashtags #why? 3. I couldn’t figure out how old these women were – they seemed older, but spoke like they were much younger. 4. The excessive use of the word “yanno”. Things I loved: 1. Some extremely funny parts. 2. Rae felt relatable and her relationship with her BFFs were realistic, even if dramatic at times.

Don’t get me wrong – as fluffy, easy, romantic comedies go, this is a fantastic debut. If you want an easy, beach read that will have you laughing, I’d say this book is for you. If (what I call) teen speak gets annoying for you, you’ll probably be turned off. Yanno? 🙂 2.5 stars for me…

What Jessica Thought:

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Mr Right Swipe by Ricki Schultz was a genre cleanser for me – gotta have something lighthearted mixed in with all the thrillers! This is definitely a book I can see people either loving or not – I don’t really see a middle ground. If you don’t want to read hashtags then I’d say move on (I know that can throw a lot of people or when texting abbreviations are used). But if you want to read about a snarky and funny heroine, then this is for you!

Rae Wallace is witty and sarcastic woman. She’s too focused on molding the minds of 1st graders and potentially finishing her novel – she doesn’t have any time or energy to waste on a man. However, when her friends decide enough is enough, they make her create a profile for an online dating app. While skeptical, she’s out to prove her friends wrong that she’s not too picky with men. She runs into a problem though, when Nick’s profile pops up (the hot substitute teacher at her school) and she swipes right.

With some of the slang, abbreviations, and hashtags used I can definitely see this turning off some people. Typically I try not to read reviews before reading, but I’m a little glad that I glanced at some so that I knew to expect this. I know that if I hadn’t, I probably would have been turned off by it and gone with more in the 3.5 star range. While Rae can come off as selfish at times, she ends up as a character you can relate to and like. Her use of the app is great and how she interacts with some of the profiles on there – if you’ve used it then you’ll appreciate it! Some great secondary characters and friendships thrown in made for a good light, quick, and genre cleansing read.

If you want something more contemporary and can handle the hashtags and text speak, then I’d recommend this!

I give this 4/5 stars! I enjoyed it for what it was.

3 thoughts on “BOMG Book Review: Mr. Right Swipe (Ricki Schultz)

  1. As someone who has personally entered the tumultuous world of online dating and has female friends who have as well, this piqued my interest a bit; at least until reading of the reliance upon hashtags. I understand a writer trying to implement them in contemporary fiction but I feel like that may date a piece of work in the long run. Great reviews and the difference between reviewers reactions was very interesting to read!

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