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It’s Always the Husband, by Michelle Campbell, was a book I was dying to read since Chelsea at The Suspense Is Thrilling Me read it a while back.   I was intrigued by the amazing cover and the general premise.

This is not an “on the edge of your seat” style thriller. This is a not a pulling my hair out from suspense type of novel. I wouldn’t even go as far to categorize this one as a slow burn.   This one is really more of a fluffy, fun type of a thriller.

This one felt like Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty meets the Gossip Girl series. It had a bit of small town gossip, a whole lotta secrets and some delicious, self-indulgent storytelling.   I feel like this one will be a perfect summer vacation type of read; a book to bring to the beach or cuddle up with a glass of wine at the cottage.

Needless to say, I really ended up enjoying this one!

The novel unfolds through back and forth narration between a group of friends in the present and their lives back in college. Kate, Jenny and Aubrey are college roommates who stick together when tragedy strikes years later and someone is dead, the remaining question is who is to blame? Isn’t it always the husband?

Bribery, adultery, corruption, murder, friendship, loyalty, there isn’t a whole heck of a lot this novel left me wanting.   I loved the prep school gossip and the Ivy League prestige as the backdrop.   Maybe because this is so far outside my regular reality, I love to be sucked into such salacious situations. Like I mentioned, I did find that the novel was slower paced than the reads I typically enjoy, but I found myself so sucked into the plot that I truly didn’t mind.

I am also pleased to say that I was surprised with the ending. I think Campbell did a brilliant job within her final few chapters.

Overall, if you want something incredibly fast-paced with lots of twists and turns, you won’t like this book. However, if you are a fan of Liane Moriarty, the television show, Pretty Little Liars or wish that Elin Hilderbrand wrote thrillers, then I think you will relish in this read. I gave it 4/5 stars.

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