Book Review: Forbidden Colours (Nicole Fitton) @MisoMiss

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When Midori Yates begins to work for KLD, a pharmaceutical giant, she isn’t sure what to expect. As she becomes engrossed in her work, she truly becomes an advocate for KLD’s most revolutionary drug, Centoria, which is used for the treatment of amnesia and Alzheimer’s patients. However, when Midori begins working alongside a neurologist, Nick Campbell, and he begins seeing some strange symptoms in his Centoria patients, Midori uncovers a dark world and a conspiracy that threatens everything she has come to know….

When Nicole Fitton approached me and requested that I view her romantic medical thriller, Forbidden Colours, I was thrilled! As a huge Tess Gerritsen fan, I am always on the lookout for a medical thriller that will draw me in and leave me as addicted as Gerritsen’s earliest work!

I didn’t find Forbidden Colours to be a difficult novel to become immersed in. Fitton’s writing style is easy and welcoming; I was drawn into the pharmaceutical world and Fitton takes the time to explain terminology and to ensure understanding.   I appreciated that!

I also found the characters to be fully developed. This novel read like it was the first in the series. Fitton takes the time to open up her protagonist and dissect her. No stone went unturned in her development of Midori.   This was really interesting; I like being able to learn about my characters and connect to them. However, this was time-consuming. I felt like the first 100 pages or so of the novel was dedicated to exploring this character and introducing the basic plot. In a thriller, I like to be introduced to twists and turns and experience some action!

Aside from the pace, I struggled a little bit with the general direction of the plot. Although I loved the main storyline, I found that some of the events that occurred felt a little rushed or random. The first two-thirds of the book were slow moving and developed and it felt like the last third of the book was made to fit.

Overall, even with some of the issues I had with the text, it was a fun read and, it has to be said, this one has a gorgeous cover! Loved!

Thanks to the author who provided me with a copy of this text; it was my pleasure to provide an honest review.

6 thoughts on “Book Review: Forbidden Colours (Nicole Fitton) @MisoMiss

  1. Interesting review. I haven’t read a medical thriller in a very long time, but I did enjoy it. I’m wondering about the romance aspect of this. I wondered if it mixed in well with the rest of the book. Hopefully, it didn’t get in the way of the plot.

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